What IDE do you use for MEL development?


Did you study these tutorials?


Please read and do them carefully and mail me if you have any other problems.


Maxya is a scripter tool both for python and mel coding for begginers to love scripting,to professionals get faster .It has tens of unique killer tools that makes script coding for maya fun and ease.Powerful tool under its simplified User Interface.
[li]It does not use commandport.[/li][li]Maya version Independent.[/li][li]You dont have to install maya or maya help to work with maxya.It is standalone tool.[/li][li]Embeddeble inside any of maya panels.[/li][li]Comment and Todo item list (called pointers) for each Individual maya script files.Backups file history.[/li][li]Find in files to search and track & edit inside maxya.[/li][li]Command and Command Parameter locating in maya help, interactively.[/li][li]Collapsable Proc Lists.Simple Drag and repace proc list sequences from proc list.[/li][li]You wont lose your bookmarks and indiviudal file todolist comment list for each file.[/li][li]Backup File History.You wont lose your current and old codes.[/li][li]Customizable color highlightings coming with 9 themes ready to use.[/li][li]Customizable Shortcuts.[/li][/ul]

for full details check the links below:

Highend3d link

See maxya in action

Official Site of Maxya.

(Special thanks to piles of maya scripters that help us to revive that tool with suggestions and all detailed reportings.)


Too bad it doesnt work on Linux.


yes. Currently Maxya is compatible with only for Win x86 and x64 bit Operating systems.
But the codes developed inside maxya are not relative to operating systems.

Thus, codes developed inside maxya works for other operating systems depends on maya supported.

the good news is :maya reached its standarts and the next goal is to develop it for mac and linux versions too.


Maxya looks awesome i will sure give it a try.


Using ConTEXT now. But that Maxya is something I’ll give a try.


i tried both and to say Maxya is so much better in features but for me i like simplicity, and ConTEXT gets the job done for me.


This must sound funny, despite I´ve tried jEdit, which is pretty cool (got the synthax highlighting working for mel and such) I´m still using the Maya script editor, because I can test and debug quickly. When things go ok I paste the code on gmail and save a temporary email to myself as a online backup.


Hi everybody and really thanks for your emails and support. mapy 2.1.1
is available with these new features:

1- Support for drag and drop.
2- No script size limitation.
3- Automatic port selecting process.
4- Included a mapy customized version of SciTE
Download it here

Have fun and keep me informed of bugs and suggestions.


Hi Farsheed,
I download mapy2.5.6 and put in c:\mapy2.5.6
and when I put in CMD : mapy test.mel, I got this error:

C:\mapy2.5.6>mapy “c:\mapy2.5.6 est.mel”
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “mapy.py”, line 351, in <module>
File “mapy.py”, line 89, in init
File “threading.pyo”, line 401, in init
File “threading.pyo”, line 55, in init

also I used it through SciTE and didn’t work, please look to the attached image:
=============== my specs =====================
windows xp sp2: didn’t work
windows vista sp1: didn’t work

I hope you can help and make use of your nice software :


Hi, I found this bug and solved it few days ago, I am going to post the new release tomorrow.



Hey mel guys! There are notepad++ news:
Franco Stellari updated his LanguageHelp-plugin for notepad++ to v20.

I asked him to implement a way to make use of URLs as well:
Now with the placeholder $word$ you can point it to the URL of the local doc-server:


or even the online docs for 2008 or 2009:

So you could actually omit installing the document-server completely and have some less processes running.

The plugin will point to any word at the cursor! so if you are at $var you won’t get anything useful of course ;]


Hi everyone and thanks for your great support during development of mapy.
I made mapy open source few months ago and some brilliant people of this industry suggest me adding some advanced features to it. I have done most of the features, but I believe a long road remains.
After almost 9 months of part time development, here is the latest version of mapy, version 2.5.8 for Linux x64_86 ( Witch I’ve compiled it under Ubuntu 8.1 ) .
This Linux version is much faster than windows one. ( I don’t know why :cool:)
You can download it HERE. Also This is mapy Project Page.

Farsheed Ashouri,
Tehran, Iran.



Just put up a tutorial about getting the Eclipse editor setup for autocompletion using pymel. It’s an awesome editor and it looks like I’ll be switching from jEdit to Eclipse from now on.

Also wrote a tutorial getting autocompletion working for the Maya Python API in Eclipse.


Hi all. I was just about to start using JEdit, but ran into a problem when trying to set up my settings directory. I use Windows XP and followed the guide on their homepage. http://www.jedit.org/users-guide/settings-directory.html

" the following command will instruct jEdit to store all settings in the jedit subdirectory of the C: drive: "
C:\jedit> jedit -settings=C:\jedit

Now I don’t understand where the comand line is. Is it JEdits command line they’re referring to or XP:s? and which would be XP:s command line? command prompt?

Otherwise, eclipse sounds interesting. Is it also open source?



yes eclipse is open source

rbublitz, i tried going to your highend link and tried to follow, but eclipse is being stupid and it doesn’t even show anything to do with Maya in the preferences…and where abouts do you push those hotkey commands?


Hi all!
I try rbublitz plugin for eclipse and just work in Eclipse for RCP/Plug-in Developers (175 MB) for me :S. Is there any way that work in http://www.easyeclipse.org/site/distributions/python.html ? :slight_smile:

Anyway, I installed Eclipse for RPC/Plug-in in win/linux and your plug-in works fine!


I use Maxya the pro version. I must say I’m happy with it so far.


I’ve been having trouble getting the Maya Eclipse IDE ( by Ron Bublitz ) plugin working on OS X Leopard. I’ve tried everything I can think of and googled this subject ad nauseum and have come up empty handed.


All the editors are really nice, but what about debugging?

I have a large script file and I’d like to step into functions, trace commands (after each command to stop and see what changed), view variables contents… you know debugging - essential part of programming.

I couldn’t find this option in the standard script editor (2008) nor in the the IDEs mentioned above.