What happend to Pro Render? [SOLVED]


I’ve missed the R21-S22 releases and jumped to R23 from R20.
When did they drop Pro Render and why ?


I think they just want to concentrate on Redshift. ProRender will still be developed by AMD, and should eventually be available as a plug-in.


Redshift ate it.


It’s just too bad they dropped it without offering an alternative (like a one-Gpu redshift node or something) and before AMD had a new compatible version. Prorender was just becoming usable at last…

Also, on paper Prorender 2.0 doesn’t sound bad at all, going all the way from full rasterizing, to hybrid, to full pathtracing.

But as it stands, out of the box, R23 has the most outdated renderers on the market (standard and physcial) unless you pay even extra, and is a step back from previous versions.

I certainly hope Maxon will include a flavour of redshift (RT?) at some point, now that it seems to work on MAC and PC, NVIDIA and AMD, for the price of the standard subscription (which I still resist for now).


I think it’s quite clear that Maxon is moving to position Redshift as the ‘primary renderer’ in future. Hence the removal of ProRender.

As a Redshift user for quite a few years I feel they’ve lost their way a little since the Maxon acquisition. I’ve no doubt Maxon are pushing them to get the big ticket items out - decent AMD card support, Redshift RT, OSL etc. Unfortunately my feeling is they have too much on their plate, and it shows. Recent version releases seem to have been mainly bug fixes - fixing the bugs they authored in the last release.


Renderman 24 is due very soon, has a great production pedigree and is FREE for non commercial use including showreels, there’s also no feature or hardware limitations. It’s going to be available for most DCC and will support XPU (CPU+GPU) for CUDA GPUs. For commercial usage Renderman is no more expensive than Redshift and there are copious renderfarms which support it.

The Redshift USP i.e. speed has been whittled away by recent hardware developments and looks like Redshift has a real issue making the most from the Ampere architecture, other renderers like Cycles and Octane get a much greater performance boost. I doubt if Cycles is now slower than Redshift on Ampere so once Insydium bring across all the latest developments Cycles4D may be a cheaper and better solution to Redshift.

ProRender 2.0 is a very different beast to the horrid implementation Maxon shipped with C4D. I think it has the capacity to produce incredible renders and worth looking at again with v2.0, it’s so much faster and with AI denoising it is usable in production. I’ve shipped several projects with it. The only negative I’ve found is that it doesn’t really get full value out of multiple GPUs.


I did not find any connectivity of Renderman to C4D. Only 3DS, Houdini anfd Karana


Renderman 24 is not released yet so you’ll have to keep checking the site.

Bl*nder is also not listed but it’s getting a bridge for R24. In a podcast Pixar said they wanted to get Renderman used by as many artists as possible, hence the unlimited non commercial license and more bridges to more DCCs coming.


How is Renderman for more 1-man band/ small company/ concept art/ look-dev stuff ? Obviously back in the day it was very high-end, technical & you needed a dedicated coder to develop shaders. It’s pedigree was unquestioned in feature work but it never had traction outside of that.
I’m probably years out of date- is it as intuitive & easy-to-use as say, Octane (for all it’s instabilities & bottlenecks) is ?


Type Renderman Tutorials into Youtube and you might have a pleasant surprise.

On its most basic level Renderman is no more complex than any nodal shading system with many of the features you’ll recognise but obviously it is at its core a feature film level renderer with all the necessary OSL depth for those workflows too.

It’s free and it’s coming to a wider selection of DCCs in the coming months and in unlimited form. Their XPU (CUDA+CPU) system is very much faster than the RIS renderer which absolutely makes it viable for 1 man bands. Initially XPU is termed ‘for look dev’ as is does not have the full features of RIS but it should be complete enough for most people who aren’t Pixar.

Anyway, it won’t cost anything other than your time to try it.


Cool, I’ll check it out, thanks.