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Ashley Aka early life
Ashley Aka best dressed was born on May 4, 1998 in United States. She is 20 years old. Ashley Aka has studied film at UCLA in Los Angeles, CA. She says in her site: ” I was an awkward been in high school (I still am now lol) so I started a YouTube channel to share my love of fashion and film. After my fair share of incredibly cheesy look books, badly edited hauls, and misguided eyebrow choices, I finally found that more and more people were joining our little YouTube FAM.”
Rising YouTube celeb Ashley aka best-pressed is serving “fashion, thrifting, and other misadventures of a college student” with frenzied finesse. A UCLA film student taking to YouTube to share her love of film and fashion, the quick talking fashionista is now catching the internet’s eye. Showing off her cost-effective styling, Ashley invites fans to “come thrifting with me”, sharing lookbooks, outfit ideas, room tours and go-to hair looks. Now with an online store featuring her thrift-sourced vintage recreations and YouTube following nearing 1M subs, the soon to graduate Ashley is gearing up to break out.


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