What did I do wrong about this simple domino animation test?


It has 10% bounce and 90% friction on both the collider and the riged body. The friction is already too high on the dominos and they are still too slippery.


Dominos have very low friction and medium bounce.


Ohhhh you are right! With more bounce It is more realistic.
But the dominos are still slippery on each other. In real life, they are not.
I saw some tutorials and they are have the same problem but did not care about it. Like it is normal or no solution in C4D.


What is the scale of the dominoes? Real scale or are they 400 cm tall?


dominos.c4d (326.2 KB)

Scale and general dynamics settings are important.


Thanks, this is something truly, but only because you increase the floor friction to 1000%, the dominoes friction to 100% and the domino way rounds size (and maybe the domino size I will test it).
I admit it, this solution is reduce the slippery much more, but it is not terminate the problem, even if the cubes fillets are increase the friction (that was a smart move), they are still slipping a little.

Well thank you very much! All of you!
It seems there is no solution for this problem, just tricks to fix it, as always… :slight_smile: .


Check the attached scene for a simple example, i think it looks ok.

Scene: https://drive.google.com/open?id=19DR6vxryT_nN9HCdZUKewSFm5YAyByBF


There’s a wacky TV show in the UK called Qi, and on one show they asked the question 'how can I topple the London Gherkin using only one brick ? (it might have been a book and the Empire State Building).

The host then did a domino-style demo with increasingly larger blocks of wood (exponential IIRC) - so I recreated it in C4D dynamics.



That’s great! “With a long enough lever I can move the world.”