What are you Shake guys using for...


What are you Shake guys using for rain, fog, steam, smoke etc? I find myself going to After effects for that (and for setting up simple 2.5D scenes like small crane moves etc, bugger! ) but I’m getting sick of that. I hate the layer based workflow. So what are you guys using? Thanks.


Same thing I use in every other compositing app: Stock Footage.


You mean you use stock footage as in “rain” shot against a black back ground?
You use that for fog, smoke, steam too? I can’t see how as it’s not very controllable. I think some sort of simulator or particles emitter is better because you can fully control it. I was looking at Particles Illusion but as it is a stand alone program I’m not sure if there’s any integration with Shake. Some sort of Shake plug-in would probably be easier. But with Shake discontinued a lot of it’s plug-ins have gone too.


People have been using stock for years in vfx, commercial and television production. Just warp, distort, mix and match different versions to make it work for your particular shot. It is far faster then having to make it up from scratch with a cg program. I can point to thousands of films and commercials where this has been done. Hundreds that I have worked on personally.

If you are using something like particle illusion you can just render it out and then bring it into Shake to comp (done that many times too). If your working on the mac then you can do particle effects in Motion and then just bring a live motion project into a file-in node and it will playback without prerendering.


If your working on the mac then you can do particle effects in Motion and then just bring a live motion project into a file-in node and it will playback without prerendering.
Nice. Never thought about that, looked at motion and never touched it again.

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I had no idea Motion was usable for anything. Have never touched it. So how does Motion particles compare to something more professional like Particles Illusion? Probably look cheap and fake :D. But maybe not. I have to check.
What is a good source for stock footage with steam and fog? I have only seen rain, smoke and some very fake looking snow.


Particle Illusion and Motion particles are both sprites so I don’t see why Motion’s would look any cheaper then PI particles. Motion actually supports 16/32 bpc float where PI only supports 8 bpc. Also Motion has full 3d cameras and more volumetric looking 3d particles where PI is much more 2.5d. Some of it depends the quality of your source sprites behind the particles, not the program behind them.

As for stock footage there are tons of different places on the web that sell them (artbeats for example). On many shoots people just go out and shoot their own. These days with a 5d or 7d you could easily shoot high quality versions in your backyard.


/Applications/Shake/Cookbook Extras/macros/Rain/Rain.h


To do fake rain, you can use Rand node .Then make it to look like dots and desaturate it and bur in Y axis. You will get fake Rain


same thing only different… :slight_smile:



I’m happy to see some posts regarding shake,
I haven’t done much compositing lately, but still prefer shake when I do.

I agree with beaker, even for some complex effects I’d rather work some stock footage in vs simulating.

Thanks for the info on Motion, didn’t even remember I had a copy till I read this post.


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