Welcome to the CGSociety Beta Focus Group.

We’ll be using this forum to discuss upcoming features, designs, and ideas for the CGSociety. It gives you the opportunity to help shape how CGSociety will work in the future, and the chance to play with new functionality before everyone else.

As a CGSociety member you can opt in, or out of new beta features on the settings page in your portfolio. New features will be highlighted as beta, and will provide links to threads in this forum where they can be discussed.

Please note, that any features that are highlighted as ‘beta’ are currently in development, and will not have their finalised styling, or be functionally complete. Keep a check on the first post of a thread, and I’ll make an effort to keep it up to date with bugs/issues.

Feel free to introduce yourself to other testers and us in this thread :slight_smile:


Just discovered this, very cool. Looking forward to seeing how this puppy develops. :slight_smile:


yup, I found this beta feature when I update my portfolio. However, after I uploaded my new banner & unabled the beta features, my banner disappeared.

I checked the source, in my portfolio page.
<img src=“http://portfolio.cgsociety.org//assets/userheaders/6463_1173304998.gif”… …
When I go to “Manage Portfolio”, my banner appear again. & the source is -
<img src="/assets/userheaders/6463_1174325220.gif" … …

I don’t know it’s the problem of beta features or others. I disabled the beta features now, but nothing change.


It’s showing now - I think it’s more to do with the cache, I’ve recently changed how banners are loaded and I’ve probably neglected to flush a cache somewhere.


Should we post bugs we encounter to the specific feature thread or is there a general bug thread?


Just came across this section too. Nice to see some cool features in the works.


How can I upload videos to my gallery?!

I didn’t found this option… Could somebody help me?

See ya,


Would be cool to be able to add a link to our personal banner :slight_smile:


A slide show option will be nice to circle the portfolio images.:smiley:



A flash banner option would be dope-a-liscious.


How are things going here? Are there still things in the making? Or is this as dead as it seams?


edit: just found out this thread is old!