Welcome! What are some of the challenges you have with environment


Hey everyone, my name’s Kapila but most people just say Kap but I have always been an artist but the past 6 or more years have been pretty rough and I’ve not really done anything artistic (design wise). I’m actually a full-time cook and one of the chefs I work with has called me a mad scientist. So I guess my artistic abilities transferred into food lately. Long ago I wanted to become a concept artist and I had a solid understanding of the fundamentals but I’m probably too rusty to actually say that’s still true now. I’ve been dying to get back into graphic arts, brush off the dust from my Wacom, and get back in the game even if I don’t end up with a career.

Most of what I’ve done in terms of graphics and design have been video editing and 3D modeling. I have spent hours and hours playing with PFlow in 3DS Max and playing with visual effects design in Adobe Aftereffects.

I don’t really have anything to show at present, and I kind of turned high school and early college art (which was mostly pencil and paper) into a small archive on deviantart (which I don’t think I’ve logged into in years). I’ll gladly share it with those curious but I have a strong feeling the skills of everyone here vastly surpass my own. I really look forward to getting back into the swing of things and actually drawing again. My primary reason for joining this is because I’ve wanted to learn to paint better w/ my Wacom because I’ve always seemed to struggle with it. I did practice on my Galaxy Note 3 but sadly had a memory failure and lost those. I will say though, to Travis actually, painting clouds was something I found EXTREMELY fun and meditative once I discovered how to do it. There’s an app you can get off the play store (if you have a Note or similar device) called Infinite Painter. Fantastic watercolor tools that can be used to create amazing clouds once you get the hang of it. I truly wish I could share the clouds I managed to create on my phone!!

So I guess my biggest challenge is going to be re-developing my skills as an artist. I’m scared and excited to be a part of this :slight_smile:


Boy, where do I start! I guess by showing you my latest attempt at an environment: Environmental example As you can see it’s not well balanced or sexy looking, however I am interested in storytelling. I really want to work out how to design bold environments that entice the imagination.


Hey there, I’m Shanna, and I’m a film and animation student. I haven’t really done environment design before - I’m super excited to learn! I mostly do character art and I’m planning on creating a webcomic one day, so I want to be able to draw backgrounds and environments as well. One thing I would really like to get better at is drawing in perspective accurately.


Hi everyone my name is Michael Lovett,

One of my biggest struggles is adding detail to the correct areas of the painting. I tend to incorporate too much into my paintings and they end up being too busy overall, and then I will overcompensate and end up not having enough variety in the painting.

I find it hard to find variety in my brushwork as well when rendering a painting. Here is an example of some of my personal work that i feel has a neat idea behind it, but the painting suffers overall because of the lack of variety in my brushwork and bland detail.

I find going for a tactile and realistic look is enjoyable, however it is hard to achieve that level of detail while keeping a good balance and composition in the piece overall.

For inspiration, I turn to the amazing art of Raphael LaCoste (https://www.raphael-lacoste.com/) and also the team at Cloud Imperium Games. They are able to add lots of detail to their work without making the paintings too busy. This is something I wish to improve in my paintings along with adding details with good/clean brushwork.


I’ve done some sketching but I’ve never actually tackled environmental design before, so I’m deep in unknown territory but I’m really excited about it! Due to inexperience I can’t really say where I’m lacking, except everything :sweat_smile: , I’m personally just looking to improve in general and stay on top of a project from start to finish.


Clouds are a challenge for me, too.

I’ve been working on the overall composition of images and understand it better, but not quite there yet.


Hi, I’m Jerry Magni, full-time tattoo artist since 2005, former comic artist and illustrator.
I’m always looking for anything that can improve my skill.
For me designing environments it has always been hard, even when I was doing comics, so this seems a great opportunity to get better.


Hi! I am Rich Owens. My degree was in Fine Art with a minor in Graphic Design so most of my environment design comes from doing actual landscape drawing and painting. I ended up taking a detour to play professional football for a while and have found that with work (which I love!) I and family (which I love more!) I have had a hard time getting the creative juices flowing. I feel like I’ve lost a lot. So I guess(maybe?) like some others here, I suffer from a lack of self confidence!

I love sci-fi landscapes. This is the sort of work that I aspire to! And seeing all of the wonderful talent here is sure to inspire me! So thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


Hi, My name is Andrew Suryadi, I’m a Matte painting artist from Jakarta, Indonesia. I love Dylan Cole’s work and also Raphael Lacoste for their environment composition. Really looking forward to participate in this opportunity. Thank you so much for the event!


Hello all! My name is Hugo Vedes i’m a freelance 2d Illustrator.

Landscapes and backgrounds its always something i’m not very confortable with, mostly the mood and environment. Doesn’t seem very real and/or immersive and thats what i hope to explore here along together with learning more of Corel Painter.

Thank you and have fun!


Hello!!My name is Anastasiya Malashkina, I’m a concept artist from Belarus. I work on various environment projects in casual style.Thank you very much!


My biggest challenge has always been design. I studied Game Art & Design in school and design was always a problem. The art fundamentals I understand.

I have gone away from art over the last few years and have started programming more. I would like to start doing more art and design again.


My biggest challenge regarding making environment is lighting.

I do creatures and props, so I’m not well-experienced in whole scenes and environments. I want to expand my skill set, and be able to paint scenes with convincing lighting, because I believe good lighting is the most important factor that makes an image impact-ful and beautiful.


Inverse square law is a good exercise. I finally feel like color and light is an area that is fun and I’m able to get good gains but most of it didn’t sink in from art tutorials or classes but oddly photography tutorials if you’d like any recommendations let me know and if anyone else has some im interested you can never learn enough about lighting in my opinion.


Hello all!

My name is Justin and I currently work in the IT field. I am a former 3d modeler and graduated with a degree in Art and design - electronic imaging, focusing primarily in photoshop, after effects and 3d.

Though I have experience in 3d, my digital painting and environment skills are not strong. I have always been passionate about matte painting ever since i was first introduced to it, but never had the opportunity to pursue that passion. I am very thankful for matte artists like Dylan cole, Jaime Jasso, and Chris Stoski. As well as digital artists like Phil Mcdarby. They inspired my desire to do digital art.

One of my challenges with environment is matching the color/lighting across multiple photos when adding photo files. I have always had a hard time matching photos that were shot with a different light cast than others. This also has challenged me in the digital painting side as I feel my eye for light is still growing.

One area I feel I enjoy or have grown in skills in is adding details. it’s one my favorite things to do in a painting and really makes it start to come alive! These are the most exciting times for me in my image.
I currently have some of the work I did from 7 years ago still on this profile if anyone would like to see examples of some stuff I have done.

I am both fearful and excited for this class. Fearful as my skills seem to be behind, yet excited as I am excited to grow and learn in the field of digital art once again.

Looking forward to working with you all and seeing your work as well!


Hi everyone,

I’m currently at home on maternity leave. I was studying 3D along with finance. And my summer job in a bank turned into longer employment. However whenever I have opportunity to improve my 3D skills I take it. And I’m hoping to build up my portfolio to finally start working in the field.

As for the struggles I really need to improve scale diversity. For some reason making something look gigantic is almost mission impossible.

I’m looking forward to see everyones work and improve my own.


auhaua i’m in the same situation, but i’ll take some new work i’m doing, and share here later.


Hello, My name is daniel, and I believe that the course gives me one direction to start composing more illustrations with complete scenes. I really like sci-fi, Syd Mead inspires me, I would like to understand the thought to create great scenes with cities in a fluid way.


Question: is there a preferred aspect ratio for work submitted?


Do you have an example or link for that inverse square law? It looks like some Physics formula when I googled it.

That’s the first time I hear about using photography tutorials for learning to paint light. If you have some good ones to recommend, I would gladly start with those, please! Thank you, Travis!