Welcome! What are some of the challenges you have with environment


Welcome to the course we are excited to be hosting this and happy our sponsors have helped make this possible.

I would love to find out a bit about each of you beyond your general introduction and would be fun for people to get to know more about your peers.

To start out what are some of the challenges in the past you have had with environment design or painting in general. List one thing and one rule you feel you understand well or would like to know more about.

For example I would love to get better at painting clouds not sure why this eludes me but I never seem to get the effect I want without turning to photos. One is I feel I have done a good job of working on is Scale diversity. Making sure I have a diversity of small, medium, and large shapes, or contrasting sizing throughout the image.

I find sebastio salgado to have great examples of scale diversity and depth in his images.


For sky’s I turn to Steve Messing and Dylan Cole


It would be great to hear from others and see examples of your own art or some influences. Post an image or a link and very happy to have this first free course to learn with others.


Hi, my name is Arief.

This is the opportunity I’ve been waiting and I do hope I can get something., i never done any environment design but lately I do some studies range from cartoon style to film concept, I draw it in thumbnail size.

mostly my influence are from Ghibli but I try to widen up my view to look to others design.


Way to step up arief! We will be rewarding forum interactions so way to make a name already and what an amazing ghibli piece. Had the opportunity to check out a few originals and melted where i stood!


Hi everybody. My name is Pawel and I work as 2d generalist at Artifex Mundi. I do some freelance work but usually I’m asked to do illustrations. I would really like to up my “DESIGN” game so my stuff would rely more on good designs and shapes and not so much on just rendering. Therefore I wish I could be better as concept artist and problem solver in production pipeline. :wink:


I’m sorry for the misunderstanding, that is just my reference, not my art and I apologize for the misunderstanding that I create.


No misunderstanding:) i know the reference work and happy you posted it


Love your work! Happy to see you jumping in!


Arief, great ref!


there are many challenges I face even today, what ever I create I cant judge it weather it is good or bad, in studio I get the help of the other artist but in personal work I cant judge. I also struggle to make a believable environment, means I cant interpret exactly what is in my head I really struggle in this and still learning.

Dylan Cole is always a great source of reference i also follow ANTHONY EFTEKHARI (http://www.artofae.com/),
Aaron Limonick (http://limonick.com/), Jama Jurabaev (http://jamajurabaev.com/).


Hi everybody,
I am at a wierd point in my learning curve, because I think I have some basic knowledge about the so called fundamentals. But even if I create an image where the overall composition is not bad, still my images come out boring and somewhat generic. They just dont look professional and I cant pin down what it is or how to solve them.


I would like to remember general design rules. When I ‘have’ to make a n environment artwork, I find it hard to latch on like I could to a character. Hopefully that improves!


Hello to all!
I wish i could have some work to show you, but… I know my main issue/struggle is self-confidence.
Even now getting in touch and participating in the forum isn’t quite my way. I know there aren’t perfect draws, but i always feel unsure about what i do, so i struggle sometimes to start something. This is my challenge.
I really want this to be a breakthrough for me and be able to start doing what i love… to draw and to keep on learning from all of you.
Thank you!


Hi all,
Art and design is not my strongest ability, having focused more on programming and scripting when I was far more active during school with game development.

I tend to find that i have issues with more…organic scenes compared to things like city scapes.
strict geometry of buildings is easier for me to think of a flow/interactions/perspective compared to things like a winding forest path.

im looking forward to the lessons planned and seeing what I can come up with :smiley:


Hi everyone! I’m most confident in my ability to create visual texture. I’m least confident in my ability to create sharp edges objects that feel like they fit into the scene. I tend to feel more confident with a softer brush. I’m also interested in learning new tips to create dramatic lighting. I feel like that’s a discipline I’m getting better at, but still have a lot to learn.


That’s great! What’s your favorite Studio Ghibli film?


Nice! Ever do any Mel Scripting in Maya? What programming languages do you feel most comfortable with?


Hi Everyone ! It´s nice know a lot of people are actually so passionate, I´m a designer and just have one year since I start with 3D so I´m basically just staring with this world.


I’ve been using C# primarily with Unity (although it has been a while, work gets in the way :smiley: ) and I started to learn Swift for some iOS development. But I’d say I’m largely more comfortable with C# as its been a while since I’ve done C++ or Swift.

I started to learn Python at some point in time to do scripting in Maya so that it could also be carried over into 3Ds Max if I ever needed to port whatever I was working on… and then largely finding that tools i thought might be neat were already created with free or paid options haha or that now may have been included in Maya.

Almost got hired when I graduated by Rockstar for a scripting position, but I didn’t make the final cut.


Hey My Name is Stefan Benrshcerer, I am a vfx generalist, so i can do a bit of everything,

Right now im working as a Mattepainter at MrX, but before that i have been working as a compositor for the last 4 years in diffrent studios around the wold.

The biggest struggels for me is getting, getting the idea and making a strong composition.

I am looking forward to see some great work coming up in the next weeks.


my favorite are Howls moving castle