Welcome to the Wacom DrawCember Challenge FAQ


Thanks, Travis! And happy (belated) new year, everyone! I hope it’s starting off well!


Cool, thank you. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update, Travis ! Looking forward to the results, regardless of the outcome.
I had a great time with the challenge and thoroughly enjoyed the exchanges with the other members. Cheers to you all.


Winners have been chosen and are being set up with prizes now for the announcement! this was a fun one thanks guys. We will announce here as soon as we get the email and an official newsletter will go out next week to brag about you guys and get some exposure for your efforts!


Exciting! Thanks for keeping us up to date :smiley:


thanks for the update Travis!


No problem! it will be worth the wait!

On a side note how many of you are interested in 2d sketchbooks 3d sketchbooks where you continue to keep posting sketches and work to track your progress and coloborate over time?>


great news! :smiley: Challenge was really great and tough but the community was great, friendly and helpful. thanks all!

looking forward to see who the winners are but in the end we are all winners by getting through this challenge :slight_smile:


I’d be into that :slight_smile:


Travis …thanks for update. Im open for a new challenge.


Hey Travis, I’m very interested in that. The challenge gave me a nice community feeling, I’m not the best with forums and it was very encouraging to work together.


That’s awesome!


:open_mouth: That sounds like fun!! I started a WIP in the 3d section for something I’m working on but a general sketchbook would be nice too.


So since I’m not even ankle-deep into the forum yet… I presume this is the proposed sketchbook section?


Thanks Travis, it’s an interesting possibility.


Great ! lloking forward to it and it was a fun challange really ! thanks for the update


Tracking progress + collaborate with cgsociety fellas = sounds great !
Online exchanges take a lot of time and energy, but in the end, it is totally worth it.


I might be interested Travis, it is a good way to keep evolving your work, get feedback and share. The contest was a very good experience in that way! I am not at my best, having
some health issues, but if I can, I might to participate.


Just curious, probably i miss something here. Are there final results available for this challenge? Where can i see it?


here you can find