Welcome to the Wacom DrawCember Challenge FAQ


Aww, damnit SmallPoly, I just spent 40 minutes cleaning up my social media and DeviantArt, and here you come with a perfectly reasonable idea :p.
He did state that it didn’t have to be masterpieces though so, I’m guessing that won’t fly if Wacom already set their minds.

I’m curious if we can do the same promts twice, or more times? Like if I want to draw mittens or candles 5 times, will that be ok?
Those are the only ones I think I can pull off on days where I got both college classes and work or a term paper deadline.


So disappointed that rules were not set before the contest started. Anyway, I’ll not delete or replace my art neither here in the thread, nor in social media



Again please read previous statements before posting.

Wacoms represenitive host for the challenge stated that the prompt was optionial prior to the start of the challenge. Wacoms host is on vacation so we are awaiting her response but we are certain to have a positive solution. As a cgsociety/ wacom challenge we are judges as well and have no intention on disqualifying anyone. Wacoms social media manager from Twitter is not the resource you should be worrying about. Let’s stop reacting to post out of context and await the official response. As mentioned following the prompt ’ as stated at the beginning of the challenge gives you and advantage just like posting on multiple social media sites. If you are concerned you can catch up with a few extra drawings.

We love wacom and they’re giving away a bunch of prizes for an easy challenge get busy and post drawings;)

My guess is the person’s who have fun just draw and help others each day have the best chance of winning. Not the most amazing artists. I know that’s where my vote is going.

Lots of Love


“It seems there was some confusion about the rules for #DrawCember, so we just thought we’d clear it up here:

  1. Yes, the challengers that started the first 4 days without using the prompt are ok - keep making great artwork!

  2. You don’t have to use the prompts - they are there for inspiration.

  3. For newcomers who still want to join, to make it fair for everybody there should be at least two weeks between your first drawing and your last. This means that TODAY (7Th Dec) is the last day that you can join in the challenge and be entered into the competition.4. You must produce at least 22 drawings - this means that your earliest drawing must be at least 2 weeks older than your last one posted on the 22nd.

Now back to work with those drawings and have some fun! Winners dont worry about winning the race, they just love to run!


Thanks for clearing things up!


_Alright then _this is Kool _``~…


No problem. This thread spurred an interesting conversation yesterday at the studio I was at. The topic was on how FB and Twitter are evolving us backwards at times when personal communication is replaced fully online in short conversations that lead to misunderstandings and are primarily meant to share an opinion or get a response.

Pick a topic from the prompt
You MUST pick a topic from the prompt

Can mean the same or different things so I created a quick game of it.

Pair off a group of your friends online. Purposefully choose a group that knows each other well, and a group that doesn’t Then have everyone communicate using only one punctuation point. It can be multiples of the same one.


! ! ! ! !


I send my friend $, he sends me %
Translation got a character modeling job. His response" how much" my response ! ! ! !

It’s fun to predict how friends will respond and even more fun when people don’t know each other. Give it a try and keep the conversation going with only one punctuation point.


I really do not have time to browse all posted works. But I will be looking here at every spare moment. Good luck to everyone. Be persistent :slight_smile:


Sometimes uploading images can take a long time or not work at all. Can we use external links in the meantime and try again later? :slight_smile:


Hello Travis, i have to ask because it’s not completely clear for me. I am from south america, so that makes me disqualified? I mean, i can keep posting drawings but i have no chance of winning because of my location?


I uploaded two traditional drawings today and hashtagged it with #MadeWithWacom. Is this a big deal or should I leave it as it is?


i want to ask that if i am eligible or not?
i am from Pakistan


i want to know if i am eligible or not?
i am from Pakistan


Hey aas and sdoppler! Under the terms and conditions, you have to be a legal resident of North America, Europe, Australia, or New Zealand in order to receive a prize from the sponsor. A few of us are participating as a personal challenge, but some won’t be eligible.

Wacom officially made their first announcement here: https://twitter.com/wacom/status/938016457455259648 The ToS .PDF is linked there too!


Thanks Chantelle. That’s so sad. :frowning:
I will keep participating as a personal challenge then. We have a nice community here on gcsociety :slight_smile:


Woo, just a few more days to go!


I really have to say this challenge is really fun.
It helped me to start at this forum and it is a really good community building thing.

I am so happy that I’ve to met so many talented, kind and interesting people here.

I wish anyone best luck in the final two days and a lot of fun!


Agreed, it was fun! It’s really satisfying to do a daily sketch challenge, as well as looking at everyone’s sketchbooks as a collection :slight_smile:


Great challange super fun and challenging :cool:


I agree with everyone else - only I think this pushed me more creatively, like thinking outside the box. A theme doesn’t have to be limited to just traditional concepts :slight_smile: I am glad I stuck with the prompts for most of it.

Also loved seeing all the inspiring work from others! Thank you for the opportunity!