Welcome to the Wacom DrawCember Challenge FAQ


Oh, that’s not a great news… :confused:


This is likely not accurate. Wacoms represenitive is on vacation so the poster may have confused it. We will touch base and see what happened.

I will check to see on the start date. From today on you cannot miss more than 2 days in a row. It may be possible to make up 2 drawings but i will confirm with wacom europe the sponser for the challenge.

Our recommendation is to use the prompt until we hear back from wacom as this gives you a better advantage regardless and no one will be disqualified as we will make sure to get this cleared up between wacom US and wacom europe.

Context is important!
It also states… "[i]Sponsor is not responsible for any incorrect or inaccurate information"

[/i]You must provide an accurate address and info or wacom is not responsible for shipments with no forwarding or inaccurate address…etc


Just noticed the Terms and Condition.

Does that mean that people from Asia can’t participate to win the contest? haha


What should I do if I’ve chosen the drastically different topic for my works? Will my first 4 works be counted? Almost everyone was doing stuff not related to prompt list. And if I am from Ukraine, can I participate? It’s Western Europe, but we are not a member of EU. Man, that is very disappointing. Maybe I was blind, but I didn’t notice this “terms and conditions” line. Was it added recently?


My understanding is that some countries cannot participate due to the rules of that country so it is out of wacoms hand I believe

Go with the prompts for now we are working to clear it up for you in regards to the topic Wacoms origional text states “we should create an optional holiday themed daily prompt word list” I will post here with feedback but i dont anticipate any trouble . Kunniki, Doomov if your country doesn’t allow shipments we may be able to find alternate prizes for you. Not a promise but let me see what we can do.


That’s great! But i’ll participate regardless. Taking this as a good practice!
Thanks Travis for getting back!


Great Attitude! Looking forward to your progress and will keep you updated!



Travis, thanks for the reply! There is official Wacom distributor in Ukraine if it will be necessary. I will also participate regardless. Hope they will let us go with free themes, it will be more interesting and useful in terms of self-development.



just read about this challenge. is it to late to still enter? do I have to catch up the missing days too?

greetings :slight_smile:


And I am from Belarus. It’s Western Europe too but not a member of EU( Sad. TT
But i will keep going to draw any way) It fun challenge ! Will see//
P.S. im not so close interest in prizes, but shipments for example to a friend in German if u win something allowed or not?


Alright then, thanks for clearing that up!


Wacom tweeted 10 hours ago that you can still participate as a late comer and can get the first 4 days of drawings in sometime between now and the end of the contest:


I also tweeted them to ask about not following prompts and told them a lot - if not most of - us have not been using them. I can let you all know if and when they respond to that question.


We will post official updates here. Please give wacom time to give us the official and final quote. Wacom has stated you can enter late and make up images so if you want to jump in do so. The unofficial comment is that the prompt is optional. But to avoid different channels at wacom saying different things look for the official statement here. For now follow the prompt as it will give you a better chance of winning regardless as posted in the tips post;)


Hello, so we should use the official list posted here in the first post?
I am a little confused now.

Would be great to know if we should do new pictures for the past days since not everyone has used the list as inspiration :o

In their pdf posted on Facebook (http://bit.ly/2jSi0fN)

  1. Draw every day in December
    2) Pick a topic from the prompt list.

  2. Post and share your work on social media, with #DrawCember #MadeWithWacom

  3. imply we should use the prompt list.
    So should we just switch out pictures not fitting the prompt list we made up till now?
    (would be 2~3 pictures for me, just to make sure to include it in my calculation)

Thank you very much Travis :smiley:


I’m also wondering this. The way they wrote it made it seem like they meant the continent Europe, and not necessarily the European Union. Norway isn’t part of that either. I haven’t been following the prompt either, although one of my submissions could fit one of the topics…


Its better for now that everyone follows the list.
Until official news come from Wacom.


My suggestion is If you didn’t use the prompt list simply make up the days you started with something else , replace that with an image from the prompt list and post that note on your image it doesn’t have to be a masterpiece. Wacom really wants to see people win so don’t panic;)

Wacom has already stated you can enter late and make up. You can also edit your post, delete the old image and upload the new image from the prompt list.

Draw everyday, pic a topic from the prompt list, share as many places as you can, post encouragement on others work.

I’ll get clarification on what europe constitutes. There is a lot of great entries and some amazingly helpful people so far so hopefully there’s more to get out of it than the prizes themself


Maybe Wacom can add a few days? Almost everybody was doing their own thing, and it’s gonna to be hard to make up 4-5 pics more, retaining the same level of quality. A lot of us works on fulltime jobs and have families. I understand that it’s not yours or their problem, but maybe something could be worked out? They said in terms&conditions, that Wacom can change or cancel almost every aspect of the challenge. After all thanks, I appreciate you for trying to help us.


_So, we must follow from the prompt list??_then _``~…


Really seems like communication must have broke down within Wacom at some point. All of this, especially the bit about the prompts, should have been nailed down before the contest started. 6 days in isn’t the time to be finding out that the prompts are now mandatory for entry. I’m sure I’m not the only one doing time-consuming work - some of mine take an hour or longer.

If I were Wacom, I’d excuse anything “off topic” from being excluded and just require the prompts for any work going forward, because this is silly.