Welcome to the Wacom DrawCember Challenge FAQ


The requirement for a tablet is going to be tough for me too.
I lost everything in a flood last year including my tablet so my wife is getting me one for Christmas… but that would be too late for the contest. :frowning:


Also, I don’t Facebook or Twitter. I technically don’t Google+ but I have an account. Is Google+ acceptable?


Hi Everybody!
I would like to share some of my drawings!
This is a right place?
Best regards!


Sounds like an interesting contest. I have a few question :

  • What time zone is considered in deadlines?
  • Schedule is pretty tight. What if someone loses an internet connection in the evening during the contest? Would it be legal to post next day or would it already considered as disqualification?
  • Which countries are allowed to participate in this contest?


Make sure to read through previous post so you don’t get stuck waiting as some of these have been answered already.

Sharing on your social networks is important, so if you don’t have them, my suggestion is to create the ones you can, and if you don’t want them delete them after. It’s a competition so if the other guy has 3 and you have 2 he has the upper hand. Wacom has a lot of people looking for those hashtags to see who comes up. Like any Challenge there are always strategies that allow you to get ahead. Lots of drawings and lots of sharing is Wacom’s main guidelines.

Checking on the medium and missed days with Wacom now. We will have an answer shortly. I think most people in general are going to have a very difficult time hitting the daily drawings period so post every day you can and you will have the advantage.

Make sure to check out other peoples threads and pass on some encouragement as that ranks high with the CGSociety judges as well. We are not always looking for the best art but often the most heart so keep this in mind as a strategy.

Post a thread with your name in the Wacom #Drawcember forum and use that as your sketchbook thread for easy tracking of daily images.


Dartmora create a thread in the forum below by hitting the red new thread button



I dont think Wacom would mind how you drew your images as long as you are spam hash tagging their name all over the place for marketing exposure.


Hi! Just for a bit of clarification: Do we have to make a challenge thread here, or can we use other social media exclusively? (My thread is taking awhile to be approved because I’m new to posting)


Some updates from wacom.

It’s an endurance test… If you don’t have a wacom drawing in pen, marker or pencil is ok.

Wacom helped make sure you can hit the mark. You are able to miss 2 days in a row, beyond that will effect your chances. If you are a modeler or sculptor wacom wants to give you a fighting chance, daily speed sculpts are allowed. Wacom is doing their best to make this easy on you and give everyone a solid chance. Really happy to have wacom and members working hard this month.

We will post a list with images of prizes today with general terms and conditions. Good luck.


Awesome! Really great to hear it. I’ll be doing traditional for sure.


Am I allowed to post the drawings to the ArtStation?


thank you.


What is wacom’s Facebook profile/account, so that we can share our artwork posts with them without becoming exposed and vulnerable to the public?


Hello everyone! I started my #drawcember #madewithwacom yesterday on my Instagram! Please go and take a look/ comment. Tag your Instagram on my post so I can check up your work as well! Thanks


Do I need to make a new thread each time I make a new drawing or can I just edit the first one? because i’m new to this CGSociety forums


Sorry, I posted my 1st to my profile, here are the links.



I have shared them on social media already.


You must have a thread here on cgsociety and keep that thread updated. You don’t need to create a new thread each time. Just reply to your own thread and upload your image.

You can post to any other site as well and it’s encouraged;) the goal is to hit the target of a new drawing every day and sharing as many places as you can. Wacom made the rules super easy. For those of you asking about sharing it’s simple. If you only share in one place someone that’s sharing on their FB, Instagram, behance,etc has the advantage. The tough part is keeping up with a new drawing everyday. Good luck!


Am i too late to join in with this as it started on the 1st?


hi. Am i very late for entering the challenge?
waiting for the reply


So oddly Wacom posted the official rules today-

  1. Draw every day from 1 until 22 December
    2) Pick a topic from the prompt list.
  2. Post and share your work on social media, with #DrawCember #MadeWithWacom

It also states… "Sponsor is not responsible for any incorrect or inaccurate information"

Are we really disqualified now for not following the list?