Welcome to the Wacom DrawCember Challenge FAQ


Download terms and conditions Here

Wacom and CGSociety Announce:#DrawCember

What is #DrawCember?
A collaboration between CGSociety and Wacom:
The December Wacom Drawing Endurance test.
Create a sketchbook thread and add a drawing a day for December to become a better artist
and be rewarded

We challenge you to draw every day of December for a chance to win
one of the 8 Wacom products.

You will be rewarded with experience and we offer a review of your December portfolio by
professionals from CG Society and ourselves.

1.For a chance to win, simply Draw every day from 1 until 22 December

2.Pick a topic from the prompt list.

3.Post and share your work on social media, with #DrawCember #MadeWithWacom

Good luck everyone.

Check The Example thread HERE. To get started.


Drawing with pen, pencil, marker or 3d sculpts are acceptable for 3d artist.

You are able to miss 2 days in a row if unable to get to a computer, anything more than this effects you. It’s an endurance test;)

Post comments on other contestants thread for encouragement, hashtag #madewithwacom #cgsociety #drawcember to help judges notice you work.


Is the drawing order from top to bottom or is it reading from left to right, for example:
winter, scarf, Santa


winter, Christmas, wreath

Thank you!


I want to participate in The DrawCember, I am looking for the “Example thread” to get started. Sorry I am new here, I don’t find it, so if I may have some assistance , thanks.


I just have a quick question:
Should we only post daily drawings made with a tablet, or are hand drawings acceptable as well?



Is there supposed to be a link to the example thread?



Thanks for the informations !

I have a question, do we have to take the subjects of the example thread ?
Or, we can do what we want for the drawings .

Thank you
Have a nice day !



Altho i think its unwise but still curious, Is Zbrush Sculpting allowed hence we also use wacome and can do from scratch from it too. I know the name is "DRAW"cember but heck i decided to ask anyway .



Im learning to draw the human figure, can all my sketches show a day-to-day process of my development?


Hi! Does it have to be Digital art? or we can choose our own medium?


Just a quick Q that I figure is worth asking… Are there any “terms and conditions” beyond the two listed (draw every day and posting to social media (ie. twitter)) that we should be aware of?


Hi this is a nice idea. I am looking forward to it.
Should we upload the pictures here - in a special thread, as a subfolder of the portfolio or is any social media acocunt okay?
This is a little bit confusing.

Thank you very much



I’m not able to use my tablet on weekends. Is it valid to upload those drawings the day before / two days before (or after)?

(EDIT: Thanks for the answers. Actually, what I should have said is “I’m not able neither to use the tablet nor to upload on weekends”. Anyway, if for some reason I don’t qualify for the prize, I guess I will still enter just for the fun and the experience)


Well, I am not affiliated with CGSociety, nor am I an official judge, but I think the rules here are pretty darn clear.

  1. Draw anything using any software package, as long as you are using a Wacom product.
  2. Submit one drawing every day, meaning the industrious ones can draw a bunch of images one day and submit them in the described daily fashion without actually “drawing” something “each day”.
  3. The drawing (a la “contest”) appears to be random, so the idea is to just have fun.
  4. Most of us have lives that include jobs and families, so expect the “daily” products to be slightly less than grandiose in concept and execution. :smiley:



Basically, It’s closed to anyone who doesn’t have access to a Wacom.

Would have been nice for newcomers to Wacom, be welcome as well.

Just my thoughts, thanks for reading.



Create a thread in this forum (wacom drawcemeber) with your name and add daily images to that thread. Share with #drawcemeber on your social network.

I’ll check about traditional and zbrush sketches to see if they qualify. Drawing daily and sharing are the two biggest advantages wacom will be judging on so if your away from your tablet I’d imagine traditional is acceptable. I’ll post their reply here

The topic of your drawings are up to you. Wacom provided a prompt to help on days you need an idea.

As far as missing days goes for the weekend, I will check.

Thanks for the help jjenson


Hm, wonder if I should join in on this one.


I’m a little confused by this, so to clarify - there are 8 prizes? or the winner gets one of 8 cintiqs?

and are there any other restrictions on entry to be aware of, beyond using a wacom to make stuff?


This is my DrawCember sketch thread


I’m curious about this - if Wacom decides to allow traditional art then it wouldn’t make sense to enforce people to use a wacom product, since I don’t think Wacom has any traditional product. I think the vague “Drawcember” is what’s confusing people. Inktober is clearly ink, Sculptember was clearly sculpting, so Drawcember sounds like drawing in all mediums.

Hopefully we get clarification on that soon!! :slight_smile:


How many winners will there be? and what is the prize exactly? (which Cintq size and such).