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Artwork by Johan Rimer


|| NEWS ||
[/b]- 2017/11/29: We have been preparing some texture packs these last months, that will be soon ready and online!
( Soon, an upcoming Thread where we’ll give you more details about it! )

About texturing.xyz:
- Founded by Jeremy Celeste ( jeremyceleste ), texturing.xyz sells Raw cross polarized photo references and surface displacement maps for Artists.
- Our desire is to share with texture lovers everywhere, high resolution data that can be found at the biggest and best companies in
the industry, but at an affordable price!
- We aim to provide the best materials possible in Raw format with all the map derivations to make character texturing easy and effortless.

Our purposes on CGSociety:
- Since texturing.xyz works everyday to provide you high resolution textures for any material of your needs, we are also seeking communication with you.
- This is the opportunity for you to reach us directly, ask for any tip/tutorials, making us suggestions, share techniques, discuss with the texturing community, or show us your passionate work!
- We are also featuring on our site some works from talented artists who used our maps, and it’s always always a pleasure to share them with the CG community!

  • We will frequently post news about the upcoming texture packs so that you’ll know what to expect next from us!

You can find our textures on:

The team behind texturing.xyz is here listening and contributing to the process of evolving your art in a major way and we are excited to have them. We try to provide you multiple platforms if you want to reach us out:
- Our Facebook page, - The CGSociety Forum,
- Our online support,
- you can also PM jeremyceleste or loucasrongeart on [b]CGSociety