Welcome to the Mudbox forum


There seem to be 3 Maya compatible drivers on the nvidia download page.


Can anyone make a recommendation for Quadro fx 3400 on XP that will run Maya (I’m not having any real problems right now, other than Mudbox, so I’m a bit nervous about updating)


Hay there! i see you’re here too!


Thanks to CGS and to Kolby for this forum. I should be getting my license of Mudbox soon and I can’t wait to get feedback from everyone as I learn to use it.

Kolby is your being here going to affect TweakCG?


Sweet forum, I could use it now that I just got the software. Thanks guys.


Considering the earlier posts about quadro FX related problems, the latest driver update from nvidia fixes all the problem. Now everything is perfect with my Mudbox.



It’s about time, I thought we were going to have to have a combination zbrush/mudbox forum or something :slight_smile:


That’s a known problem with certain (older) graphics drivers. Updating your drivers should solve this.


Glad you guys made this possible. Mudbox rocks!


great! will be frequenting this forum quite often :slight_smile:


It’s good to see the new forum, especially with Kolby as the resident bodyguard to keep things in line. Now will this be a tech forum, or just somewhere for his fans to fawn over him? :wink:


Hey Everybody,

Sorry for being so late to reply to this thread, just got my internet connected at my new place.

I’m glad so many people are excited/interested in this forum, and I hope we can make it more then just a technical forum, but a place for modelers to meet and inspire/be inspired.

@Locutus: no this won’t effect TweakCG.com in any way.




This was a welcome suprise to come across to be sure. :slight_smile: I know it’ll be very popular.



Wow great!

Luv it!


sweet kol, sounds exciting, I’ll start posting some stuff here too. :bounce:

lets do this :wip:



mudbox is freaking awesome. i used the trial for the first time and felt right at home.


Sweet! Hopefuly I will have a wip or two to share sooner or later. :stuck_out_tongue:


I loved mudbox ever since I used it the first time! Love the clay feel!
I do have a zb license too will be getting the free zb3 upgrade soon but I think my sculpting choice will be Mudbox always!
Hope to see lots of amazing work here and hopfully do some myself!
Mudbox rules

Kolby, it would be wonderful if you could share some workflow tips!



Woo great! Cool to take up this task Kolby, a miracle you can find time for this.

Thomasphoenix: “HOWARD ROARK LIVES” I’m currently reading the fountainhead, about halfway…it’s great so far.


Kolby, i just can’t wait for the Hulk or your famous (and not so famous) Batman model in a downloadable zip file with the textures and shader intact.

You can send any of those or both in my mailbox, hurry im waiting.


Good thread!
Anyones knows where we can get good tutorials?
This tool looks really good!