Welcome to the Mudbox forum


thank u leigh, thank u Kolby, i have not started working on mudbox but i sure was looking for it. thank a lot


[color=white]This is great! I have been giving a lot of thought about which I should spend my time learning Zbrush or Mudbox. I have heard a lot of things from people that say that they both have their advantages and disadvantages. Unfortunately, I just bit the bullet recently and started to take of the dubious task of Zbrush. What do you all think? Do you all feel that it would be of great interest and knowledge to learn Mudbox? What with the new version of Zbrush about to release in two months. I guess the only reason I chose Zbrush over Mudbox was the sheer amount of training tutorials and the lack of presents for Mudbox on the web forums. But as I can see, that is about to change. I guess that I am going to have to bite the big bullet and learn both packages. What is the overall opinion of the new Forum? [/color]


[color=white]I am happy that I could get in on the ground floor!. [/color]


[color=white]Nice to meet you all! My name is Brian Bouffard[/color]


[color=white]Thanks Kolby for taking on the dubious task of leading this wild and crazy ride. [/color]




Mr. Jukes, big fan of yours. I was bouled over by your modeling tutorial on modeling the human hand and am grateful to say that i follow it nowadays, although i got a long way to go when it comes to human modeling.

Thanks for sharing your ideas.

I faced my problems with Mudbox and it is really put me in the fix because i am really gonna need it in the coming days. They are:

  • The soft brush sometimes gets sluggish and translates the object rather than sculpting. The brush size is also not visible sometimes and i get lost, and i often find myself closing the package and reopening it.

  • I find that the package hangs everytime my subdivision rises more that 3 times.

  • The soft brushs’ reaction to a low res mesh is very wierd, i run it over the mesh and the mesh sort of juts out like the spikes. I know i want to reduce the strength of the brush but even then it shows. What i mean is that it isn’t as fluid as ZBrush when it comes to treating a low res mesh.

         Apart from these, i really like stencil and stamp and the overall interface which behaves like Maya and is very easy to understand.

For me, both ZBrush and Mudbox ROCK, for bringing a whole new phase to modeling, called SCULPTING!!!


I think the dark bar (and maybe some other issues) can be solved by updating your video drivers.


Definately - even on the relatively flakey Vista drivers I don’t experience any issues.


congrats kolby…


It was about time! happy muddling everybody :applause:


At last! I was hoping that CGTalk would come up with a forum for mudbox and here it is :D. It’s so exciting to be able to learn from everybody.



yay new forum to be a forum whore on :stuck_out_tongue:

<3ing mudbox atm,am sure ill b stuck so look forward to retrieving help.and maybe giving it to :slight_smile:


Yay, great move CGS and Kolby!


Great move it is:D.
I like it!


Cool to see that !


Hi there,

First of all Mudbox rules. Mudbox and 3d max is a killer combination. Too bad that I got only 1 day left of the trial:(

Anyway, I have some problems with the trial version 1.0.4. Maybe it is because of my graphics card (Nvidia Quadro FX 3450/4000 SDI), but I get this flickering area to the user interface. Check the screenshot attached. Anyone got a solution for this?




Oh this is too cool. I wanted to get on the digital sculpting bandwagon.Thanks Admins!


playing around with the trail version! and it is really awesome. hope this forum will help a lot of us!


Good to see folks… enjoy mudbox :scream:




thanks! I missed it already… :thumbsup:


finally there it is. so now it will be double posting here and over at mudbox3d forums.



Awesome can’t wait.