Welcome to the Digital Matte Painting forum!


Hi, my name is Alejandro Lavrador, I’m an engineer/physicist that found a bit late that my passion is Computer VFX and Digital Matte Painting.

I’ve been learning by myself for the last year and a half, and I also took a CG Workshop with Heather Abels, great professor it helped me a lot, and the feedback from her and the other students really helped me to improve.

I would like to post here some WIPs of my current paintings, to be able to improve and develop them to a good final result, as I would like to start making a demo reel to apply for an intern DMP position this year in MPC or some other vfx company here in Germany or London maybe.

Thanks everybody and best regards =)


Welcome! Glad you found your true passion. Heather is a wonderful teacher isn’t she? Please start your own thread in the main forum and post away when you can!


When is the next Digital Matte Painting Challenge coming??


…working on it right now. Should be up in a jiffy.


I am definitely looking forward to the next one! Hoping it’s really soon.


Hi CGTalk Mods,

Can I discuss about a digital matte painting contest that, I’m organising at a premier matte painting forum, please? We need members of CGS to know about this great contest! Any response is dearly welcome! Take care.


Sure why not, anything relating to matte painting is fine to post here. Please create a new thread though, and not post it in here.


Hey David, :slight_smile:

Thanks a-lot man for the reply! Sure, I will. Take care.