Welcome to the Digital Matte Painting forum!


Welcome Julio, and thanks :slight_smile: Please create a WIP thread with your name in the main forum if you’d like to post for critiques/feedback!



My name is Lukas Esch and I’m a professional concept artist from Germany, currently working at OnePixelBrush.
As I just left high school last year (19 years old) I’m currently devoting all my free time to get as good as possible during this year as I still have lots of free time to practice. :slight_smile:

Lately I’ve started to be more and more interested in Matte Painting so I got in contact with David Luong and he recommended me to start posting here!

So yup!
Here I am.


Welcome Lukas.
I took a quick look at the 1 pixel site and it looks quite nice.

Hope you’ll enjoy your stay here.


Hi matte painters !

Here’s my first post on this forum. I just made this matte painting on my free time at work. I feel a bit lost on it… Don’t know what to do to make it feel more photoreal. Can you guys give me some advice and critiques to improve this piece ? I’d be so grateful !
Thank you !!
Cheers :bowdown:



Hello everyone,

my name is Simone De Salvatore, i’m a matte painter/concept designer and instructor at vfxworkshops.com. I’m based in Munich where I work with Trixter, Look Effects and Scanline VFX most of the time.
I just wanted to introduce myself and to say that it’s great to be here, and i’m looking forward to getting to know more of you guys.

In my gallery I just uploaded a new concept design that i did for a children book. I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you.


Allo Simone!

Welcome to the forum and great to have you here! You have really nice artwork in your gallery for sure, thanks for introducing yourself! Will add you to the Tome!


Hello David,

thank you! i really appreciate it


Hi everyone,

My name is Rodolphe Parfait alias nooSens.

I’m junior concept artist and i’m new to this forum.

I’m self-taught in concept art, and I worked for a while in London for the company Painting Practice.

At the moment, I’m trying to get better at look dev’ and shot design, which require good skills in matte painting (and surfacing, lighting, etc.).

This community is dynamic and I’d like to be part of it.

See you soon!


Hey guys!

My names Kam and I’m a Junior Roto artist but I’m really trying to get my foot in the door with matte painting. I don’t know if I already posted on here before to say hi. But I thought I’d do it now just incase :slight_smile:

http://www.tumblr.com/blog/kam-concept <—Some of my more recent work is on here. But I still have a lot to learn.

Nice to meet everyone!


Welcome to the community guys. Feel free to create a new thread and share some of your strongest work or most recent WIP here on the forum. David and I have also been discussing a sticky thread with links to photo reference, so if you have any good suggestions, go ahead and post it here…


Hey everyone my name is Max!

I am a CG Generalist that sometimes has the rare opportunity to work on Look Dev and Art Direction. I enjoy all different fields of work but I am mainly interested in concept design, especially environment and matte painting.

While I know a lot coming from the 3D side I am currently trying to catch up more from the painting/sketching/drawing side. I like projects that push me beyond my known limits, especially if I can take something completely from creation to finish.

I see a lot of great artwork here, lots of things to learn… and hopefully connect to some interesting people.

Looking forward to participate more on cg society!

Have a good day,


Welcome Max. Nice to have you here,
and thank you for your valuable feedback you have already provided across the forum.
Looking forward to seeing some of your personal work here.



Hello everybody my name is Nick Russell

I’m an illustrator just starting to get into Matte Painting. David Luong told me about this forum so here I am. I look forward to learning, sharing and seeing all the awesome work being posted here!


Hio Nick,

Welcome to the forum, and great to see you drop by here!! Looking forward to your progress too :slight_smile:


Hi David Luong!

I am Yggy!!

I really interesting in your Octerber challenge and wanna join so much!
but I have some questions about it.

  1. What size of the final work?
  2. Could I join the challenge on behalf of the company or this challenge preserve for individual person only?

Looking forward to see your answer!

  1. Please submit final works in preview form of at least 1000px (jpg) width and while there is no set format for this month’s challenge, we recommend a 16:9 aspect ratio, as this is mostly an industry standard DMP practice for all participants. (edited by Milan)
  2. This is for an individual only, and personal work.


Hi there,
I have questions about the prize.
I have won the 2nd prize in October DMP challenge and according to forum leader, I will get
:‘2nd Prize: 1x CGTOD, 1 x Ballistic Book of Choice, 1 x CGSConnect Membership’
but I have no idea how can I access to CGTOD or how to get those Ballistic Book of Choice

could you tell me how? :curious:


Heyo Aeaey,

I sent you a private message regarding this, please check it out and let me know if that helps!


Thank you for this, I’ll be here often :slight_smile:

I’m finally tightening my focus to Matte Painting/ illustration work, and am looking forward to developing my skills with this community. I’ll be posting my mini challenge WIP by this Sunday, and look forward to all the feedback.


No problem! Glad you are here Sophya :slight_smile: