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Hey folks,

This is me with my “Little Sweets”. (I call my wife “Sweets”) We were at the Seattle Aquarium. She was about 6 months old in this picture. She’s 18 months old now. But I really liked the picture so I posted it. :slight_smile:


Allo Sue,

Great picture!! Very adorable…and the human behind you is nice too :slight_smile:


Aww, that is definitely cute of you guys. I was just in Seattle for my birthday in May…love the city! I didn’t get a chance to check out the Aquarium though :frowning:


Thanks David,

If you’re ever in Seattle again, let me know. (edsmithart@gmail.com) It would be great to meet you. :arteest:


Very Good. I am interesting in paintings. I would really like to start working on some matt paintings. Thanks a lot.


Thx for the plug Milan! It also features many other great artists in there. Pick up the magazine when you can!

Welcome George to the forum! Hope you learn lots and have lots of fun!


Yes!! Thanks will do :slight_smile:


Just checked out your FB Page as well Eddie, I didn’t know you worked at Bungie/343! Awesome concepts for sure! Congrats on the work!! You guys can check out Eddie’s page here: https://www.facebook.com/eddiesmithart


Welcome Aleksander and Oliver,

Hope you will enjoy your stay here on the forum.

Feel free to share any new Matte Paintings or WIP that you might have.

Kind Regards,


Hi all, my name is Karl and I’m currently studying Digital Film and 3D Animation Technology at University, here in the UK. I’ve been lurking in these forums for a while now and decided it was time to join the community as a user!

I’ve always had a passion for films and the way they are made, specifically the illusion of sci-fi, fantasy and other non-existent but photorealistic environments. This then expanded into games once I witnessed some cinematic and trailers from games like Starcraft 2.

This is currently my 3rd year of study and I’m trying to find the motivation to write up my dissertation (6000 words is quite a handful!), based on DMP techniques, which then leads into my own attempt next semester, to finish off my course.

So yeah, there is a brief introduction and hopefully you’ll see more of me when I become more involved very soon :slight_smile:


My name is Justin. I create environment matte paintings and all skies for Blue Sky Studios. I’m currently located half an hour north of New York City.

This forum is great, I’ve lurked for a while. I hope to contribute some of my personal work for feedback and I’m always up for a critique.


Hello Karl,

Which Uni are you studying at?
Are you planning on doing an MA as well?

Best Wishes,


Welcome Justin,

My son very much enjoys Ice Age and Scrat. Do you have an online portfolio you would like to share?

Kind Regards,


I am Somnath Patra, Born and brought up in INDIA . I completed my Art at Kolkata Academy of Fine Arts West Bengal INDIA , Having many years of experience in Animation Industry, in field of 2D, 3D and Gaming. I specialized in Traditional Painting, Digital Art 2D Background, Matte Painting in 2D and 3D In NUKE.


Hi Milan,

I’m glad to hear your son is a fan! I am currently re-building my website and reel to incorporate some new work, but I will be sure to share as soon as it is complete. I am overdue for an update and want to roll it all out at once.


Dear all Its me… Somnath from INDIA. :shrug:


I’m currently studying at Staffordshire University, my local Uni, which is known for its Visual Effects courses around here. I’ll more than likely be looking into what options I can take after this course during Christmas break, but I would like to extend the degree if possible :slight_smile:



Hio Everyone!

In our continual effort to making the forum better, we’ve merged three threads together into this one:

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Please introduce, and or post a picture of yourself here if you’d like to from now on :slight_smile:


Maybe check out Bournemouth if you get a chance. They have some good Masters programs.


Hello everyone!

My name is Julio Castelo, and I’m a co-founder, concept artist and illustrator at Black Fox Studio in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

I really love mattepaintings, and this a new field to me.
I’m trying to learn as much as possible of new softwares like Maya, Vue and Nuke to work in movies.

I saw some mattepaintings from Dylan Cole, David Luong :wink: , Levi Peterffy and Maciej Kuciara and their arts open my mind to this new world! I stalk them all in the internet now. mwahahahaha

I love this forum!
I hope we all can be friends forever \o/

And I’ve done my first mattepainting, with a couple hours of work, and I will really apreciate if you all can make some critiques :slight_smile:

All the best!

Photoshop+Terragen+Vue(for the clouds)

Julio Castelo
Concept Artist & Illustrator
Black Fox Studio