Welcome to the Digital Matte Painting forum!


Hello! I am Alejandro from Mexico, actually I am a begginer in this fascinating world of matte painting and concept art, so acctually I keep practicing to upgrade my skills, it is so nice to find a cool site to meet great and inspiring artists! :applause:


Welcome to the DMP forum and the new Kreola challenge :applause:


Hi to all, :wavey:
I work as a visual effect artist in Italy… for film, for events and for advertising, mainly in the role of compositing and graphics.
I know a little about 3D and motion graphics. Sometimes I also work as a matte painter…I would do something more about it, so, there’s nothing better for me than confront with all of you!


PS: I’m very sorry for my English … :rolleyes:


Hey all
So nice to see great work and new painters on here. Just wanted to introduce myself, as I’ve worked with Milan, a great pleasure i might add, and am excited about his new book and his endeavors on the forums. I’ve been in the industry 10 years, 6 as a matte painter and am currently in Vancouver @MPC which currently has a quickly expanding environment department.
Great to be a part of the thread, will check in with more.


Welcome Chiara and Heya Amy!
Very nice to see you here. I’m looking forward to lots of posts and comments!! Thank you for joining the DMP community.
Hope you have a great time.


Hey all, I joined up CGSociety recently to participate in the Kreola Matte challenge. I’m not a matte painter or a professional. I’ve been self-teaching while working a day job for the last two years. I mutilated my first matte painting about a year ago, so after working on my my fundamentals and general skills and seeing the Kreola challenge I figured it’s about time to get a second shot at mutilating my second matte painting, hopefully a little bit less than the first.

If you wanted you can check out my general mojo here:

Glad to be aboard!


Hi there, just dropping in to say hello…

I can’t really call myself a matte painter any more as I’m being phased out and replaced by “environment artists” and 3D software so you’ll probably find me on a dusty shelf somewhere in a few years and brush me off and say "hey this is one of those old-school artists who used to actually sculpt and paint stuff…how weird is that!’



Welcome to the forum, Amit and James.


My name is Joel. I’m interested in matte painting and creating photoreal and convincing pieces and developing my abilities here. Should be fun.


Hello Joel.
Looking forward to seeing your work.


HI FOLKS - quick intro - my first venture in to the land of DMP… I’m currently imp0ressed with the quality on show here… we’ll see how my doodles turn out - I may need a few pointers on the way… ha…


Hio Paul,

Awesome, welcome to the forum! What do you currently do now?


Hi guys :wavey:
Also wanted to encourage everybody to leave more comments on other artist’s posts :bounce:
you might be helping out somebody who is stuck :banghead: by sharing your opinion :scream:

thank you :love:

Seema :buttrock:


not too sure if this can qualify… its a speed paint of a recent work I did for PSD tutes…



heres is me…a little cheesy with the expose book, but its my fav pic, as the church behind is trashed now - was flattened in the earthquake we had a while back.


Cheesy but good! Nice Lincoln :slight_smile: That’s a shame on the church behind you though :frowning: such a devastating earthquake…


Hello everybody,

Just wanted to let you know that David has a Matte Painting feature in the new Advanced Photoshop magazine: https://www.imagineshop.co.uk/magazines/advancedphotoshop/advanced-photoshopr-issue-115.html

Feel free to check it out.


Hello guys!

My name is Alex, nice to see high quality of your works - i am tottaly impressed. In this moment living in Poland, and working in The Farm 51 as gfx/UI artist / concept artist . I worked on Painkiller Hell & Damnation, and Deadfall Adventures (coming soon).

I will present few enviro concepts when i will have permission for that. Im not really matte-painter, but im learing in this part of cg art, to improve my animations. I will create my portfolio in few days, so i will be waiting for your critics.

Cya on Kreola Challange :slight_smile:


This is me.
the one on the chair.

Hope this is a good enough picture.



Hello cgsociety-members,

my name is oliver and i´m a student for stage- and costumedesign.
so i´m not a professional matte- painter, after my education i want to work as freelance artist.
This is an awesome network and i like to post some pictures.
please leave me a comment for the cgchellenge :slight_smile:

greetings from berlin!!!