Welcome to the Digital Matte Painting forum!


Welcome you two! Yes keep the Passion alive Ben!! :slight_smile: I hope we can help you find your way here. Thanks for joining!



My name is Alexander Isaksson and I come from Sweden. I’m still a newbie when it comes to matte painting but I am working towards being a professional matte painter (hopefully it works out)

I just started a new school here in Sweden called “Nackademin” where I will study Digital graphics.

Here is my site if anyone wants to take a look at some of my works: http://www.alexanderisaksson.net/

Thanks and take care everyone,

-Alexander I


Allo Alex!

Great to see you here too, welcome!


Hi everyone,

I’m Rafael Falconi, a graphic designer with 4 years experience in Visual Effects for Globo Television in Brazil, and now I´m a freelancer available for remote freelancer work and/or full-time jobs, willing to work anywhere around the globe if job suits purpose to me. I have interests in working for Games and Film Industry too.

My portfolio is here, with Concepts, 3D Environments, Matte Painting works and personal pieces too. Feel free to add me on FB, Vimeo, Linkedin, if you like, I try to keep all channels updated.


Welcome to the DMP forum, Rafael.
Feel free to share your work or WIP.


What the hell eric… making vanity thread. anyway here’s mine lol :))

I know… i look so young. but i’m already old! :stuck_out_tongue:


It ain’t vain if your in it :slight_smile: Besides, we want to see the guys behind the images… and mine needs to be updated haha!


hahaha! :))


Looking good Bryan…you say old, how old are you?? lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, unfortunately lots of the images in the thread are now dead :frowning: Everyone please update randomly your pics! I know in the age of Facebook/Twitter, it’s not as cool to post here as it is there haha…but share when you can in our community here :slight_smile:


i have a face for radio


Radio personalities have great charisma!:slight_smile:


I Concur :beer:


Hi guys,

My name is Christian Schumann and I come from Germany. Normally, I’m a senior web developer here in Germany. But I have some years of experience in different areas of CG - mostly modelling / texturing and of course matte painting :slight_smile:

I love matte paintings, because here you are able to create a whole world just with one or two images. And you have always the chance to combine different techniques to get the final result.

At the moment, I’m just a hobbyist, because my normal job always needs the most of my time. But so, I have the priviledge to work only on my personal projects just for fun. But who knows … perhaps this will change in the future :slight_smile:



Hi folks,

my name is Juan, some of you guys probably know me from mattepainting.org where i’ve been active for some years now.

I’ve started out with Mattepainting as a Hobby since i always had a full time job, I was never able to get into compositing and 3dsmax or Maya at all. As these tools are also required to be a professional, I never became as good as I wanted in Matte Painting. Anyhow I made my desicion and went towards the Production side of Film.

Currently I’m working as Production Manager and Producer over here in Germany. But here and there I spent some of the little free time I got, still in Matte Painting.



Welcome aboard Daniel and Juan!! Two more Germans yay! :slight_smile: Glad you could make it here and into the CGChallenge. Btw, how close are you guys to Bavaria Filmstatd?


Hi David,
thanks for the welcome : )
I’m tecnically spoken more spanish than german : P

I’m closer to Studio Babelsberg than to Bavaria but sometimes I travel and work down to/in the Bavaria Studios too why? - Have you been there recently?



Hio Juan,

Ah ok cool, yeah, I visited there almost two years ago with my partner. We LOVED it!! It’s not so big, but the nostalgia and memories there due to it being associated with The Neverending Story (one of my all time favorite movies) was just great…I of course, had to sit on Falcor and do the same pose Bastian/Atreyu did :stuck_out_tongue: Check out some of my photos of the trip here!


How long have you lived in Germany?


Haha yeah, The Neverending Story indeed is a great movie. One of the few good german films.
I’m in germany over 22 years now, even though I also spent almost 2 years in Vancouver, Canada. (Where they also filmed parts of The Neverending Story :cool: )


Seems that we are three more. I’m exact in the middle between Babelsberg and Bavaria - 300 km in each direction :wavey:


Hello everyone, my name is Matej(you can call me Matt) and I am a hobbyist matte painter from Croatia.I use mostly photoshop but I recently started learning C4D because eventually I want to move up to camera projections and using 3D models in my work.I would love to spend more time doing matte paintings and environment design but my school work takes up too much time(electrical engineering).I entered the Kreola challenge because it seems a great way for me to get out of my comfort zone(it’s easier when you pick your own plates :smiley: ) and this looks like a great community to share work and get some feedback especially in contests like this where industry professionals take some of their time to talk to us.

I’m looking forward to meeting you all and I wish best of luck to everyone in this challenge.I hope to see as much beautiful finished work from everyone as possible.