Welcome to the Digital Matte Painting forum!


I’m Jo, I’m from Belgium, but am currently living in the UK, where I am doing my master in Digital Effects at Bournemouth University. Got into matte painting and set extension some years back, but only recently started learning the techniques. my main tools are Photoshop, Houdini and Nuke. I am really only starting out in this specific field, so well, once I start uploading stuff I would love to hear feedback and tips.


Welcome to the mattepainting part of these forums Jack, Emma and Jo. It’s kind of silent here every now and then :D, but don’t get discouraged, just share your work and opinnions. Looking forward for your posts.


I’m Peter Plantec. I’m more of an industry journalist than a matte painter, but I take my painting seriously. I’m friends with a number of pro matte painters and concept designers who inspire me.

I use Vue from time to time to start a painting because it’s a fast way to pull in all the light and atmosphere I want. I consider that legit because I design it all myself from scratch and use the Vue image as my initial canvas. I work mostly in Photoshop with a little Painter 11 from time to time. I love creating environments. I’m better at exteriors than interiors, but I really love doing interiors…maybe one day I’ll be good enough to satisfy me.


Hi, I´m Brigitta and i´m an Digital Artist. I started working as a generalist, but got more and more into the field of Matte painting.
I´m using mainly Photoshop and Maya, but started to learn Vue and Nuke as well.
I´m still learning a lot, but because i love exactly that- to create Matte paintings and to paint whole backgrounds- it is a pleasure to learn all what i need to succeed in this field.
I hope to get an great exchange of experiences and informations with all you guys here.


Hey guys,

I’m one of those silent stalkers, roaming the forums from time to time. I’m originally from Trinidad and Tobago but now I reside in Vancouver, BC for employment. I’m a mattepainter and visual effects artist. You can get a bit more info about me at http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4054243 and http://ca.linkedin.com/in/darvinkmanwah

I’m currently working on a mattepainting as I’ve been busy with compositing and not a whole lot of mattepainting lately. Check out my recent post and follow …



morning i am slowly learning to draw and mate paint
got my first learning project up in port folio
is danish 32 year old
but completely new to it


Hi there havent seen this part of the cgsociety till now and love it! Been working with film and commercial stuff for quite some time now and Mattepainting is something i love to explore and learn more of as i work!

check out my site for showreel/portfolio and some tutorials http://www.kupski.net


Hi Everyone,

My name is Jacek Irzykowski. I’m from Poland, currently living in Melbourne/Australia.

Finally the time has come to enter professional world of matte painting. I have been doing it for a while now and really enjoy it. Especially the early concept painting stage and experimenting with the composition.

My current reel can be viewed here: http://vimeo.com/45778958

Reel 2013 coming soon


My name is Marco Carlini are just writing to CGSociety. They are fond of matte painting. I’d like to improve very artistically and technically. I hope to receive criticism and advice from other matte painter.
Greetings to all!



I enjoy illustrating as a Children’s book Illustrator and concept art illustrations. I am also active on Google+

I also enjoy creating concept art / digital matte paintings of many genres including fantasy landscape scenes.

View a collection of my personal portfolio at www.tanyarochat.com.au

In 2010 I won the title as the Australian Fine Art Photographer of the Year : In the AIPP / Canon Australian Professional Photography Awards
(I did not enter any competitions in 2011)
2010 AIPP NSW Illustrative Photographer of the Year_Runner-Up
2009 AIPP NSW Illustrative Photographer of the Year
2008 AIPP NSW Professional Photographer of the Year
2008 AIPP NSW Illustrative Photographer of the Year




i’m beginner Matte Painter from Czech Republic :wink:

Great artist here! wow.


Hi everyone,

My name is Faska and i’m from morocco , I started working as a CG generalist, but got more and more into the field of matte painting and looove it :), So finally the time has come and I decided to enter professional world of matte painting. i’am glad that there’s an actual matte painting section here and lot of talented mp artist. so hope learn a lot here and get great critics and feedback. thank you :slight_smile:


greetings from US,

I’m a freelance 3d generalist/aspring matte painter, illustrator.
I look forward to share ideas, knowledge, and hope to enjoy the creative process with people from 'round the world.
thanks for setting up the forum and best,



great ! welcome new members ! please feel free to post images, ask questions and share your experiences ! :wavey:


Hey everyone! I’m new to this forum, and interested as hell in matte painting. I always wanted to learn more.

Nice to meet you all!


Hi all.
My name is Norberto

I was working with motion graphics and running a small video production house for the last 10 years or more. But since always i’ve been interested in VFX, and specially matte painting.

As we are now focusing our company into independent short movie and documentary market, i want to use this opportunity to start working serious as a matte painting, compositing and vfx artist for cinema and tv industry.

Now is time to learn a lot, practice a lot and try to get some jobs.

kind regards,

Norberto Idiart


In adding leaves and trees pictures in the image that you are working on, what is the easiest and cleanest way to do it? Leaves were too messy, do you really need to lasso it manually?


great ! welcome Norberto and share all your doubts, questions and artwork ! :slight_smile:


Yeah it sucks… like hair and bike wheels.
For me the best way to do it is using the channels.
You open your tree image. Go to the channels toolset… there will be 3 channels.
Look at each one, and choose the one with bigger contrast. Duplicate it. (because you don’t want to mess the existing and necessary channels).
Then you use “levels” in this duplicated channel to make the white parts super white and the black parts superblacks… hehhe.
Maybe you cannot reach this only with levels and you will have to manually paint some parts.
And then you select (ctrl+click in the channel)… turn it off. Turn on the 3 original channels and go back to your image.

With this selection active you can copy and paste only your leaves.

Or you can also google for “selecti using channels photoshop”

all the best,



Thank you very much for the reply and help. I will try this one later! I’ll ask questions here if I will encounter another problem. Thanks again!