Welcome to the Digital Matte Painting forum!


hi Jan and Simona you are welcome to start posting some work ! looking forward to see some of your work!


Hi there,

My name is Szabolcs Menyhei. I’ve been a background painter in the animation industry in the last couple of years, then I was a concept artist/digital painter on several game projects. After painting so many backgrounds for animations and games I felt that it would be cool to try myself out in digital matte painting. Now I’ve ended up as one of the lead matte painters on a cool live action short film. I’ve learnt so much during the last year, I must say matte painting is great fun.

some of my stuff can be found here:



I’m really looking forward to create a new reel of my works from 2010.




^ You seem to have pretty solid works already. Wellcome also to the this part of the forum. :slight_smile: Looking forward to see your work and comments here!


Hello, everyone! My friend recommended this forum to showcase my stuffs and get feedback. These are my very first efforts at matte painting. Don’t have a pad yet and it gets quite tricky to fine-tune using the mouse. Please tell me what do you guys think.

Here’s my first effort :

And here’s the second :


hi laurelin welcome to this forums! I’m sure a lot of people will reply and give your feedback, please create a new thread showing your work , so people can see it faster , because this thread here is only to introduce yourself to the other fellow artists and not to showcase your work
I will give you some feedback and advices once you create the thread

welcome again and keep posting !


Hello ,My name is Boali,I have been on cgtalk for couple of years.I am a concept/matte artist.I have worked for EA,Bioware for 4 years,and now I am a freelancer.I have been to this section once or twice.so you can say I am new here.I hope for the opportunity to make friends here.


welcome :slight_smile: There’s not much activity lately, but don’t let that keep you from posting; there’s only nice people in here who are eager to help :slight_smile:


ahoy all. my names antoni and ive only been matte painting for a few months now, but i love. matte painting wasnt covered in my digital effects degree but i ran with it anyway. so kind of self taught. but you will most likely see me poking around Mari related posts as i work for the foundry. some fantastic artists on here, so a good place to learn.


Hi Guys, I am Girish, doing my masters in AAU SF. My major is VFX, concentrating on Matte painting, compositing and texturing. Good to see lot of talented artists in this thread. I really enjoy working on matte painting, I have done couple of compositions and posted in my blog:-) http://gitchas.blogspot.com feel free to check and let me know your suggestions/comments.


Hi, my name’s Adam and I’m a digital artist from Poland, currently living in Shanghai. I deal with various things like storyboards, concepts, illustrations and matte paintings. Right now, through practice and theory, I’m trying to make matte painting my speciality. I’ve enrolled to David Luong’s February workshop and I’m also taking part in current matte competitions on CG Channel, CG Tantra and Matte-Effect. I saw some older challenges here as well, hopefully they will be resumed. I’m also working on some other, personal projects, which I will post here as soon as they are completed.



Hi guys, I want to get myself into professional matte painting level and considering joining the cg course in February .Is there any forum threads discussing the particular course by David Luong? Could not find anything on the site of the course. Anyone has opinion about it? Advices?



I took David’s course a few months back.

Very good course, goes pretty much through everything you need to know. David is a good teacher and provides quick feedback about your work or questions. He even facebooked me!
The only gripe I have with the course is the videos are from a few years ago, so he is using older software. But the techniques and tricks still apply.


Hi everybody,

my name is Anthony Devine. I’m 28 years old from Stirling, Scotland. I’m self taught having taught myself Art Foundation throughout 2009. 2010 I just worked on whatever to see what I enjoyed personally. Last month I landed my first matte painting gig :beer: It’s for a short film that’ll premier at the Edinburgh Film Festival later this year (with the idea of taking it further afield :wink: ). I’m excited about working on it as the entire short film was completely shot in front of green screen. Big challenge for my first gig :smiley:

Hope all is well and hope to meet new friends, help others, share techniques and be challenged!!


Welcome Anthony and congratulations on your gig. Hope to see your work and comments here too. :thumbsup:


Thanks man :slight_smile: Yeah, hope to be more involved within the matte painting community to share tips and learn from other peeps :smiley:


I dont suppose there are going to be any more matte painting competitions? or just challenges for us have a go at?


Hello, I’m Dylan, I haven’t uploaded anything yet, but I’m an amateur painter until sometime within the next year when I’ll be in a four year school. I have a little experience with 3DS and ZBrush, but I’m having an affair with Corel Painter right now. Will post things to my gallery as soon as they’re finished.


Welcome Dylan. Hope to see you, your comments and works also here at matte painting part of these forums. :thumbsup:

And welcome also Swiss Tony, Girish, Adam! :slight_smile:

And as Suirebit said - sometimes is quite silent, but just keep posting. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone
My name is Jack and live in New Zealand. Ive been playing with photoshop for a few years now and are in the process of learning Vue, Maya and (want to learn) Zbrush. Ive just recently started to create matte paintings, and would love to hear back proper feedback from everyone\ :stuck_out_tongue:


I just recently found out what Matte Painting is and now I’m hooked! I’m right now trying to learn, but so far I use photos in my paintings. My goal is to learn how to only use painting and 3D. Gotta learn proper 3D skills first haha.
Anyway I’m so glad I found this forum and it will be a great help in my journey to learn 3D and Matte Painting. See you around!