Welcome to the Digital Matte Painting forum!


Hey everyone, this is my first time on the forums, and I am excited for things to come. I am a graphic design student in london ontario. I am familiar with pretty much the entire Adobe CS, but I would have to say that I am most accustomed to illustrator.

I am very interested in matte painting but I am a little confused on what exactly it is, and what kind of techniques people use to create these wonderful images.

Up until now I have done all my Photoshop/illustrator work by mouse, but now I have a nice new tablet which I have been playing around with, I can tell this will really speed up my workflow as well as let me dive into the world of digital art, more specifically digital painting.

If anyone can bring me up to speed or direct me to a good place to start, that would be awesome.

N68CAL :smiley:


Wellcome to the forum!

This is one good place to start, mattepainting.org an another for mattepainting. I also like to read art techniques and theories part of cgsociety, there are plenty of things to learn.

It seems that question about mattepaintings nature is asked and answered quite a lot with some kind of variety. Wikipedia gives one starting point. :slight_smile:

Posting something to WIP thread here or mattepainting.org might be useful too.


Hi everyone!
My name is Stas, 31 y.o. and live in Moscow, Russia. I am actually traditional graphic artist, but love digital art and also learning matte painting technique. This is great forum and I am glad to be here :slight_smile:


I know that I am a big boar, but also love matte painting )))


Greetings all!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted…

My name is Ed, and I’m a South Afrcan artist and photographer who has been working as a mattepainter for the last two years or so in my native country.
I’ve just moved to the UK and now am in the process of looking for work.

my portfolio can be seen here:

My showreel here:
with the shotlist here:

If any of you have any advice about who to approach here in the UK, please PM me, as I’d appreciate that immensely!



Hello everyone,

My name is Thiago, I am from Brazil and I´ve been working with CG for six years. I started as a 3d generalist / motion designer and I moved to matte painting and compositing in the last couple of years.

I am currently at Conspiração Filmes working mostly with commercial films and sometimes with feature films and TV shows.

I am huge fan of VFX movies and I always try to do CG challenges at free time (or sleep hours).

my portfolio (vfx reel coming soon)

my entry for the Tower of Askobar DMP challenge

my team video for the Steampunk challenge

Nice to see this community growing up!



Hey everybody,

I am new to the wonderful world of matte painting and very interested in soaking up techniques in how to develop as a matte painter. I am a graphic design student so I suppose matte painting is only a hobby for now.

I hope to produce some nice pieces to include into my CGportfolio sometime in the near future but for now I wish to learn the ways of matte painting.

I look forward to participating on this forum and hearing from you all.



Hi all :slight_smile:
I’m introducing myself in this thread although i’ve posted several times in DMP forum before.
I know most of you guys from the CG forums or Ballistic books, but i want to say hi to all the new people here :slight_smile:
My name is Valentin Petrov, i’m 30 years old, i work in Cinemotion (Bulgaria) as matte/texture painter since 2009. My dream to be part of professional team in the movie industry has become real. My personal works can be seen here in the CG society forum or mattepainting.org. I have some works included in the second D’artiste matte painting issue and i hope i’ll be a part of the next Expose book.

p.s. what happened with those great challenges here? The 7th MP competition was really great. I hope soon we’ll have another one :slight_smile:
Cheers guys !


Hi there :slight_smile:

i am a newbie at matte painting but i would like to learn and develop my skill, though i’m a newbie and needs a lot of practice, I’m Currently a CG student and studying to be a professional at this industry (i hope so) o’m currently using photoshop and a software called Painter SAI to create textures and other artworks but not that good yet I’m still at a newbie level , i hope i can produce lots of great artworks and i look forward to learn from you all :smiley:



welcome to this forums guys ! feel free to share techniques, images and ask questions ! btw great paintings valentin !

we have been crazy busy but soon I hope the next challenge will be on again !


My name is Marcus.
I’m a freelance matte painter and 3D generalist, although work has been rare these days. I’ve been keeping busy with personal projects and getting back into constructing miniatures, which I often use in my matte paintings.

Just started “lurking” here-glad to know this forum exists. I’m always interested in the workflow of other artists.

Links to some of my work –

And because I use 3D elements in matte painting-

Comments and critiques welcome.


welcome Marcus you have some great images in your portfolio, that’s awesome that you were part of illusion arts ! an amazing plae full with amazing artists , feel free to share old or new work !


Thanks Jamie,

Yes. Illusion Arts was a great place, Syd Dutton and Bill Taylor were two of the coolest employers I have ever worked for. It was more of a creative circle than a VFX pipeline, which I really liked.

I am working on a couple of personal paintings that I will be posting soon for critique and helpful tips. I’d also like to hear from other matte painters who are into constructing miniature elements.



I’m John, young artist from Czech Republic.
I know world of matte painting just a few months, but it was enough to create up my dream to become to be a matte-painter. :slight_smile:


Is it this post still active?


yes it is ! and will be … so any new member feel free to introduce yourself to the community and start sharing your images !


Hello, and welcome to the forums. Photography and travelling are very usefull things to do when thinking of mattepainting. And very fun anyway.:slight_smile:

Could you tell a bit more about what exactly you need to know? What mattepainting / digital painting is all about? And no offence, but could you please use full words, punctation marks and capital letters where needed? Since we are from different countries and for some of us English is only second language, it would make your writings a lot easier (faster) to understand. And you would probably also get answers to your questions easier.

But welcome and tell us what you need to know. :hmm:

edit: ooops. replied to an old message, but anyway…


Thank you so much Leigh for this awesome Welcome!!!


Oh! Thank you so much for this popular topic that all people can introduce there selves on a same plate form.
This is Jacob Jackson.
I am pretty new in this industry and don’t know much about it but I’ll try to cover all the things.



Hi my name is Simona Ceci, i have been working for four years in 3d animation production, as texture artist , digital painter and compositor, and during this last year as matte painter in the same society. One day i would like to employ my skills in some live action production, so till then i will continue to improve my skills.
I work with Maya, Bodypaint, Nuke, After Effect, Vue D’esprit, and of course Photoshop.
You could visit my cgportolio if you wish.
Thank you :stuck_out_tongue: