Welcome to the Digital Matte Painting forum!


Hi everyone,

I know and read this forum since few months now and I would like to thanks all the artists around there for sharing their creations and skills, it seems to be an awesome community.
So I finally decided to write my first post today :stuck_out_tongue:

My name is Quentin and I’m currently doing studies (2nd year of 3) in computer graphics design in belgium.
I began drawing ‘seriously’ in September 08 and I got my first tablet (Wacom Bamboo A6) only few months ago in January.
I thought that work in 3D was my thing but through the last months my interrest for 2d work was growing so i finally decided to start doing some sketches everyday and to begin digital painting as a perfect newbie.

and I end up there writing this post to get myself introduced in the world of digital painting :wink:

I just finished my first painting yesterday, it’s uploaded in my portfolio, so feel free to comment and critique.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you soon through the forum


double post, sorry


hey people …i am rohit aka volumelight . i am from india. i am fine arts graduate(applied arts).

  cgsociety rocks


hey eyecon …how are you man…


It’s me :cool: — latest photo.


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Hello everyone. :wavey:

I´ve been lurking around this forum for some time now, and enjoyed all the killer work posted here. :bowdown:
I´m not a matte painter, yet, but I´ll practice as much as my time allow. :arteest:

Currently I work as a busy 3D illustrator, doing all kinds of stuff. :banghead:



I am Holli Alvarado. I live in Mission Viejo, California, USA
I have a BA in Media Art and Animation, I have studied matte painting and compositing courses online through CGSociety, VFXWorkshops and FXPHD.com

The last 5 years I was a Sr 2D Digital Artist with an architectural previs company and have been freelancing as a matte painter since 2008.

Nice to be part of a like minded crowd



welcome Holli ! feel free to share experiences, images and anything that you would like ,
I hope you can show some of your work and talk a bit about your techniques

have fun in here :thumbsup:


My real name is Gaston and I ame from europe and live known in the usa.
My hobby’s are waterpaint and digital art. Love to learn more about digital mattepainting.
I have corel IX and adobe cs2 photoshop,photopaint X2,photopremiere 6.
And now retired but allwys bussy and not to old for to learn more.
all regards


hey volumelight! Whats up! nice to see you here man! I hope you can post some of your works here! Welcome!

PunkT34 : welcome dude!


WOw! lots of people… suirebit needs to update this soon! :beer:


hey eyecon…supp dude.


Hi everyone !

My name is Paul, I live in France. Well I have not much to say about me but I am currently a student in informatic in a IUT (like a Higher National Diploma I guess :slight_smile: ). Well I made my first step in digital painting a year ago when I was working on an art class theme for an my BAC (it called A Level in england I think). I love traditional painting (acrylic, well all of my stuff is black and white, for me it’s “pure” art) and water colors.
I am currently working with a wacom volito 2 and I really look forward to submit my work here and maybe get some useful tips and advices on my compositions.

Well that’s pretty much it (and before I forget I learned english mostly by myself so sorry for the spelling mistakes and all that stuff :slight_smile: )

Hope to see you soon, have fun, Duom


Hello people,
I suppose I should do one of these intro posts, since I’ve been lurking this forum for a while now. My name is Jared. I am currently a junior, studying visual effects at SCAD. My permanent home is Buffalo, New York. I am focusing on becoming a matte painter, but also having a well-rounded vfx skillset. I am also working with a tiny 3.5x5 Graphire, but my school has Cintiq 21UXs. :slight_smile:

Also I am thinking about writing a book on matte painting someday, unless one gets made sooner.


Heya…My name is Eren Arik from Turkey… I worked in game and commercial industry about 3 years as Concept Artist… and now I want to go deeper and deeper in matte painting art… there are lots of talented guy here…You can check my deviant i hope you like it…Cheers


Hi guys, I am also a lurker… my name is Mike, I am working as a matte painter in Austin Texas. My cgsociety portfolio – http://woodengun.cgsociety.org/gallery/ – Thanks for all the knowledge—


Greetings. I’m a lurker mostly at mattepainting.org but found here just recently so no cg portfolio yet.

I’m just learning the ways and delighted by the variety of methods and freedom of techniques in it. Want to know em all. :smiley:

Currently I’m paying most of the rent as a software designer and burning the midnight oil as an illustrator and events coordinator.


Hey all my name is Ajay and looking where my true skills lie and hopefully it’s matte Painting. :arteest:


nice to be here