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Hi guys,

I’m Richard, 22 just graduated from a specialist illustrations degree. I’m based in London and I’m pursuing digital matte painting and hope to make it my profession. As well as mattes I also do a little wildlife painting in the old traditional mediums. I very much look forward from learning from you all.


Hiya all, wohoo first post on cgtalk!

Im Johan, 20 yo from sweden studying game graphics. but im thinking abot aspiring to become a mattepainter, the little i’ve done so far has been much more fun than the usual uvwmapping and whatnots that comes with doing 3d for games.



I buy a ebook obout matte painting by 2Dartist from Tiberius Viris. And why have alot to learn about that stuff.He is a big artist. I work with photoshop,painter and bryce.I ame a newbie in that stuf and spent a hole day for to learn.
I loved
all regards


and me,I am working in beijing china,27 years old.glad to make friends from all around the earth.

my email:xiaobaorui@126.com/
my qq:1084381045


xiaobaorui: Hi! Thanks for dropping by and hope to see more of your work! :bounce:


Hi everyone this is a great thread. I wish I had stumbled onto it sooner!:cool:


My name is Tim, I trained as a traditional animator and worked at EA for a couple of years. My real passion is drawing and painting, and I studied oil painting at a school in South London. Recently that came to an end and I have been developing a Matte portfolio. I hope at some point to get work in a post production house in London. I’ve been using CGtalk for ages but only just found the Matte section!


Hi guys
My name is alexei, im 20 and live in switzerland. Been doing digital spaceart since 2005 and now also some more photography. THis has given me lots of good personal stock and now im starting to get into Matte

My first WIP: link

Any C&C would be much appreciated


My name is Alexei, im 20 and live in switzerland
ive been doing space art since 2005, and now that i also do alot of photography i have some good rescources for matte and have started a few projects

this is a wip of my first big one:

Any feedback would be much appreciated


Hi Everyone,
This is Kaustav Sinha from Kolkata, India! I’m an aspiring Digital Matte Painter! I like the art of Digital Matte Painting very much! My favourite tool is Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended.
Kindly provide your feedbacks on my mattepaintings!


Hi. My name is Dmitriy Glazyrin. Im from Russia.
I am engaged matte-painting some months. Has fallen in love with this technics and I wish to make its trade. Now actively I study 3d soft and I study to draw sketches.It will be interesting to communicate and share experience

my some works


hey guys welcome to this forums, you will learn a lot and will find great critics form a lot of talented artist around, feel free to look in the tutorials thread , there I suggest that you start looking around each tyutorial to see what you already know and what are you missing in your knowledge, that will make you better and will give you an eagle eye for details ! welcome again and start posting your artwork! :applause:


This i am)


my name is Radhakrishna. I’m a digital matte painter from chennai in india. I’m watching this forum for years and I learned a lot of stuff here. So first a big thanks to all you guys… :slight_smile:

here is my works: http://mattekrishna.blogspot.com/


welcome to this forums Radhakrishna , I’ve seen your website and you have an excellent taste and amazing works ! congratulations , it would be great if you can post some of your works in this forums and share some of your knowledge with the community!
keep it up !


damn i need to find some time to update the list :slight_smile:


Hi jamesvfx!.
Thank You.Your works are very inspiring me.


[B]Hi everyone… :beer: :bounce:

Vicky here, m 21 and i live in India…currently doin my studies in Animation & Cinematics…!

i love doin photography and travelling :wavey:

i have finnished my photoshop module @ my college bt missed out the Matte Painting & Digital Painting :cry: seminars…so i guess u ppl understood wot really m talking about…i jst cnt go any further with it coz i didnt understood d actual concept… i need help so plz help me out guyz…


Glazyrin : Hey dude! Your here! Thanks for dropping by!


Hello Everyone,
Im very new to cgsociety. My friend who works in video games directed me here as a resource to get familiar with other people and resources in the areas of digital art that I fancy.

My name is Ryan and Im from Canada. I have a diploma in graphic design and am currently enrolled at the University of the Fraser Valley, working towards my Bachelor of Fine Arts. Im not planning on being an industry matte painter (although I wouldn’t turn down an opportunity) Im planning on becoming a Secondary (High) School art teacher.

Anyways, I have absolutely no history or works to back up my matte painting skills. Im a complete newbie, aside from being inspired by the many works I have witnessed in magazines, websites and in film. Im here with beginner knowledge to learn what I can and start doing matte paintings because I absolutely love the medium and look forward to communicating with other artists while I work on my degree.

Thank you everyone, just for being here and I get the sense that you lot are a very supportive but critical bunch, which is essential to any growth. Any pointers for a complete beginner would be entirely welcome.

Just a technical note.
I use photoshop, learning Corel Painter 9 and I have an Intuos 3 4x6 tablet that I am also getting used to.

Thank you everyone
Glad to be here.