Welcome to the Digital Matte Painting forum!


Hi Mates!

My name´s Xanti, I´m professional photographer and designer, i´m beginning in this world of matte painting, hope to learn and make friends in this awesome site-forum.

Some of your works are just AMAZING.


Hi guys this is Oli form India…! I am not a good matte painter just now practising some excersise tutorials in my home! And you are doing too good…! Each of your paintings are awesome…and CG society is really going to a point of highness…! I like to learn matte painting up to the core! I am not a good pencil artist …is that a requirement for a matte painter!! And this Digital Matte painting forum makes my morning very usefull…! All the paintings and illustrations are too good…and no words to explain them more! Is that very easy to learn matte painting! I have done some…but only at the very basci level…! And they dont have a good look too! Currently i am working as a 3D Artist in India…! I like to study in abroad…In this animation anf vfx field! And especially Matte Painting…! Can you advice m,e some universities and schools??
Thank you…And keep posting…! waiting for your thunder perfomance…! Take care!


Hello everyone.

I’m Camilla, 31 years from Oslo, Norway.
I’m a hobby painter and has for the first time tried matte painting. I find it quite interesting. I hvae been drawing and painting for some yearsHas the character in a number of years, but not matte painting. I also plan to learn Maya and hope I have the opportunity to be good someday.


This is me whit my new glasses


hi guys and welcome you all !! I will be looking forward to see your matte paintings in this forums, if you have any questions feel free to ask . and welcome again :slight_smile:


Hello :wip: , I thing I have to introduce myself too :stuck_out_tongue:

I am Gerardo and 25.years old Digital Artist. I started with 3d, but I change to matte-painting and I love it!!! :slight_smile: I am working at London as Senior Matte-Painter and Zbrush modeler for enviroments. I have a few years experience with different comapnies and many feature projects like films, games, TV series etc.

If you`ll need or want to check it out here are:
my website: www.degerardo.com
my email: gerardo_de@yahoo.co.uk

Thanks! Have a good posting here.


Ah, just discovered that thread and figured I’d introduce myself, too :smiley:

I am Daniel Alekow from Germany, I am 21 years old and currently studying Digital Film and Animation at the SAE, but matte painting is what I ultimately want to do. I have been teaching myself painting for five years now and picked up matte painting a little over two years ago, and I hope that eventually I will get to the point where I can do it professionally, that is my definite goal!

So far I mainly focused on the 2D aspect, on painting and incorporating stock photography, but I want to experiment with the whole projection thing soon, too.

I registered here at cgsociety just a few days ago, am glad that there’s an actual matte painting section here, so I hope I can get some proper critiques here :smiley:

So hello everyone! :slight_smile:



Welcome to the forums :slight_smile: I am excited to see some mattes form you Daniel.


I am an artist at the core of my heart. With a passion for art i took up a graduation degree from the College for Arts, Chandigarh, specialized in Applied Arts. With a passion for painting from the start, gradually i also developed a great affinity towards sculpting characters in clay, using them as a medium for my expression in campaigns. With no barriers for for any kind of mediums, i have always found myself experimenting with new ones. Initially starting my career with advertising as a Visualizer, i got the opportunity to experiment with ideas and techniques. And then understanding the need to digitalise myself i got into understanding the latest softwares and techniques. With sketching, Visualising, Concept building, dIgital painting, Character designing , graphic design to matte painting, i have always wanted to challenge and explore myself with my abilities. I worked with a small studio as an Art Director for quiet some time and with an experience of 3.5 years in the industry, now i am looking forward to freelance working online. I recently took up a CG WORKSHOP on matte painting, which has lead me to this wonderful art form.
You can check out some of my work at http://mad4art.cgsociety.org/gallery/


mad4art, Xdreamer79, welcome to the forums! I have seen your works somehow in other sites! SO welcome to the forums!

I’ll be eagerlly loking forward to your works! :bounce:


Hello there,

my name is Jack Moik. I’m a digital matte painter from Frankfurt in Germany. I’m watching this forum for years and I learned a lot of stuff here. So first a big thanks to all you guys. I think it’s time to give back something to the community, so here i am.

I started painting with classic airbrush and joined the movie business allmost ten years ago. I did a lot of painted sky and landscape backdrops helping miniature landscapes come alive, mostly for German TV and movie productions. A couple of years ago I entered the digital realm and finally found my tool which is the Wacom Intuos. Together with Photoshop CS it really can be a magic weapon.

I recently did a lot of matte stuff for TV, video clips and some motion pictures. At the moment I’m working on some matte paintings for a new German movie about Adolf Hitler.

My matte painting gallery is Mattedepartment.

As I also do work as Digital compositer, video editor and film music composer I do have a “master homepage” for my company, which is Solid Ground Entertainment

Please take a look there if you like. Well, you may also contact me on my little myspace account where you can also hear some of my music stuff. I need to update all my web entries soon, but many of you know how precious time can be in the media business. :wink:

Your comments are welcome, best regards,


Hello Jack, welcome to the forum :smiley: I had a look at your gallery, I like your valley matte a lot!

Greetings from Leipzig :slight_smile:


My name is Mateja, and i am from Serbia/Belgrade.

I am actually traditional painter and illustrator, but i allways liked mattepainting, especially because i use photography all the time for my work.

Anyway i was hired to do some concept/mattpainting, so i think its time to meet all of you.




Hey Mateja, welcome :smiley: I am looking forward to your mattes, the paintings in your gallery certainly look very cool already! :slight_smile:



Hi mattepainters and all digital artists,

my name is Dirk and I do some digital art work as Hobby. Mostly I´m interested in mattepainting and compositing since I was in the photography working group in school where I did Black and White Photography with laboratory and also made my first Photo compositing with sicssors, projector and pencil. :wink:


i already kinda introduced myself in the first post, using this one to both fill up the gap of two posts being checked for spam so i could continue my new formed life 'ere, and more importantly to appear human, friendly even :slight_smile:

I used to be a photographer, terragener etc … but the thing is i cant afford the equipment, last tg render took well over 5days (and that was a preview), and the camera witch is more or less a simple digital snapshot cam, just doesnt cut it, crops are to small, too much noise, iso200 at its best etc… my matte painting exp. is non-existant, unless you count in fixing the already mentioned photos and renders…

i think everything is at least 1y old but here’s the:


I’m not a patient person :slight_smile: so this is a big step, cause i figgure i’ll need quite some time to start doing this on a higher level… and looking at the some of the discussions from the forum … i have to mention that i see matte-ing as form of art, i have no finnal goal with it (movies games etc.) just art, no more no less…

the human chars:

beer drinker, chain smoker, friendly… errr… did i mention friendly? suffers from brain blue screens

tools of trade: under 300euro (500$) value PC (thats with the 22" samsung) … aaand cheap genious tablet :slight_smile: works well when you get used to the glitches…

cu all o/


Hi everyone, thanks for creating this great thread! I hope to cultivate much knowledge here with you all.

Im Kyle Kuhlman. Ive been working on my matte painting portfolio for a few years now, building on skills from traditional painting and architectural visualization experience.

I have yet to work on any films, but I have some experience doing matte paintings for ballets (video-projected backgrounds) and high-end architectural renders.

I hope to expand my 2.5D skills, and in general, become a better matte painter and concept artist.

If there is anyone looking to collaborate or has an interesting project going on, I would love to help out.

Nice meeting you all :slight_smile:

here’s my portfolio:



beto, daniel schmid, BLUR PARTY 2008


Well, i guess that i could to introduce myself in this tread.

Don’t really like my official name, so friends calls me - Dimms. Doing matte painting as a hobby, hope one day to come in this industry in a professional role. Having this kind of fun about seven or eight months, using for in about all of my free time. For the moooneeeey im doing a technical design, illustrations and the rest of rubbish like this.

Not so sure, that anyone is really interested in another of my hobbies, so i will don’t bother you with this.

So hello, world:)

p.s. Sorry for my rude english.


Hi everyone,
My name is Luke and I am an employed 3D generalist who started matte painting out of necessity. I am really enjoying learning it and find it to be an extremely powerful tool, especially in combination with camera tracking.

my current reel: http://www.vimeo.com/user552550/videos

Best Regards