Welcome to the Digital Matte Painting forum!


I’d like to welcome everyone to this new forum, dedicated to the techniques involved in the creation of digital mattes. Please feel free to post your questions about matte paintings, and share your WIPs with others here for critique (but don’t forget to submit them to the main gallery when finished!).

This is an exciting medium that often marries both 2D and 3D elements, and we’re delighted to have the very talented Jaime Jasso as the forum leader for this new discussion forum.

Have fun!


wow, very cool, will definatly be checking this forum out frequently.


subscribed . will definetely be checking here :smiley: matte painting RULZ


Great news! I always wanted to get into DMP but I never got to that point, mostly due to missing discussion plattforms and this forum seems to be a very good starting point. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to it!


Very cool.



Cool, I am definitely interested in Matte Painting! will be stopping by!:thumbsup:


Im very interested too!!! hope to see this forum grows up!



well it’s about time :smiley:


Long overdue. Should be a valuable resource. Nice work guys. :thumbsup:


Great thing! Been waiting something like this :slight_smile:


finally! :slight_smile:


Oh, very interesting the matte world!bravo! =)



Excellent! There’s going to be some seriously awesome stuff in here …


Awsome! I would really like to start working on some matt paintings - excellent ideal.
God - CGTalk is expanding well these days - you guys have been very busy, thanks a lot!




Viola!! Now were talking!!


awesome! I just started getting into matte painting, so this is an awesome addition to cgtalk :smiley:


Sweet! I’ve been thinking about getting into matte painting. Subscribing! :thumbsup:


CGSociety is gonna take over the planet at this rate - awesome forums, books - how about a school and a killer studio next?!


Looks awesome! Will definitely be checking this place out. :slight_smile: