Welcome to the Alienware Challenge


Congratulations Jari and the rest! You really deserved it! Wish You all the best! Lookin’ forward for next challenge!

Natiq Agayev


… meh, a coffee mug…

I need a hug.




Now we finally can get on with our lives ^^

Seriously though, CONGRATS!!!
All the mentioned pictures were really great!

And the lucky bastards ALL received a copy of EXPOSE
Now I’m jealous :cry:

Thanks for a great challenge Alienware, both the contest itself, and the waiting that followed :stuck_out_tongue:

Where can I turn to get a new F5 key for my keyboard?


You are the best Jari !:thumbsup: Congrats to all the rest !:slight_smile:


HUGS to JamesMK! I knew you were one of the top ones! Maybee ya didn’t win… but your work kicked ass! Your on the top list… Feel proud and be happy! toasting to you right now :bowdown:

I think they did a pretty good job with the final choices. Though, there were a few that I"m surprised didn’t make it to the finals. ah well, I had fun. I hope they do it again… though, I’ll just watch from the side lines. :thumbsup:


Congraulations to all the winers. Beautifull pieces, and well chosen!

…one thing I don’t understand though is why Tungaunga didn’t even get an honorary mention??? :hmm: I would have love to see his “Making of”. Lots of people missed out because of it.

I loved his piece sooooooo much. (I could still eat those things you know) :stuck_out_tongue:

Well … untill the next one folks!

everyone: WELL DONE!


Congratulations Jari and all the finalist. The artwork created for this competition was truely outstanding. I really enjoyed getting to know some of you and the constructive environment at CGtalk. Thanks AlienWare and CGtalk for making it a pleasureable experience. To everyone else, fantastic work!


>>> HUGS to JamesMK!

  • Aww, knew I could count on you :smiley: :blush:

>>> Feel proud and be happy!

  • I do, I do!

[b]>>> I think they did a pretty good job with the final choices.

  • They sure did. I would have wanted to see any other entry for the first slot. Jari is the man! (sounds fanboyish yes?)[/b]

>>> I hope they do it again… though, I’ll just watch from the side lines.

  • No no no, you should join in again.


JamesMK - I pulled out of this contest because I had issues with the way the judging was going to be conducted. Actually, I hope Leigh isn’t mad at me. I think I may have pissed her off in a reply. So if anything, I think I’ll stay out only because of how things are judged. I will definitely try to do the work that they want, but only for myself, and I’ll start a thread somewhere else in the forums, so as to get input from our piers. I’m all good with that! :thumbsup:

So Jari winning did make me happy. I really liked the dizzyness and movement of the work. He was in my top 5. Actually, so were you. There were some great peices, but certain ones really made me stop and take time to look at it as though I was really looking at a landscape. I love stuff like that, cause I’m always taking time to look at what’s around me, like trees and the sky.


Originally posted by imscifi
Actually, I hope Leigh isn’t mad at me. I think I may have pissed her off in a reply.

I don’t think you should worry too much about that. Not that I can be sure of how someone else is thinking of course, but she does not give the impression of being the long-term mad type :slight_smile:


JamesMK: I hope your right. She’s really really good. Have you seen her site? She’s got some amazing stuff on there. I have yet to get to that level… though I’m trying!



Strangely enough I haven’t checked it out - only the odd posting in the texturing forum… I guess there’s enough stuff around to be intimidated by as it is :smiley:


Thank you all, happy to read your comments.
What a great challenge…

JamesMK thanks for the special FANBOY comment… muahahahhaha cheers! :beer:

runs around naked banging pots and pans…again

Let the next challenge beging :slight_smile:


Originally posted by Pufferfish
runs around naked banging pots and pans…again

I’m still waiting for pictures of that!

taps foot impatiently


hmmmm… :curious:

I want a video, not pictures! :stuck_out_tongue:



hmmm…How about this…
Training DVD: How to run naked with pots and pans. Includes basics and more acrobatic situations. Environments from Great halls to narrow corridors.



On DVD number two:

  • Wire rigs for naked pot-and-pan-runs on walls and ceilings.
  • How to use Combustion to mask the wires and the dangly bits.
  • Choosing the best pan: aluminum or cast iron?


Pufferfish put yer clothes back on!
Nice to see a rhino user on top of the winners list.
Veeeeeery nice final pic.Quite elegant.


:slight_smile: hehe ok, enough of running…

Yep Rhino is great. Hope more people would realise how powerful it is.

Thanks for the compliments.


Pufferfish and Cloneops! So, you two are using Rhino with Flamingo? I’m from an AutoCAD background, and love AccuRender (Flamingo in disguise). I found Rhino to be very confusing though (have the demo), what are your backgrounds and how quick did you pick it up?