Weight Painting Selection Question


In the image I included I selected the jaw joint. When I blind the object, the green area is the place it selected for the skin area for the jaw. Is there a way in Poly mode, to select the pollies that are just connected to that jaw joint.

I’m hoping for something like right click the selected joint ans select ass all associated Polies.

My goal is to just have the joint drive the lower beak. If I can select all of the polies that are influenced by that joint and then in the weight manager set the absolute to 0 and apply to selected?


I’m new to weight painting, but what I would do first is using the weight tool with absolute 0 and a big radius to delete all the weight of the jaw. Then you can use point selection and set the options of the weight tool to work only in the selected elements.


Thanks for the reply. I am getting better at weight painting, it would just be nice to be able to right click on a poly, with the weight tool and say select all polys that are influenced by this point. That way you are able to see all the polys that have almost no influence at all.


Hi there,
if you double click on a joint in the Weight Manager you select the points it influences.


No native function for this in C4D, unlike in Maya.
That said, you only need that kind of function when tweaking weights

Currently, you are not yet tweaking your rig. You are blocking your weights.

Anyway, you can just

  1. Select polygons
  2. Open Weight Manager
  3. Select Joint from Weight Manager
  4. Click Apply.