Week 4: RebusFarm Homework Submissions


Here’s where you’ll be posting your “Week 4” assignments! We’ll have a separate page for final submissions.

Be sure to take a look around at others’ works and offer helpful feedback if you can.

Please include: First Name/ Last Name/ Week

Don’t forget to watch the Lecture 4 video on Lighting and Rendering- make sure you’re logged in and registered in order to view the video.

The “Week 4”/Lecture 4 live Q&A webinar will happen on Sunday, Nov 24th @ 7pm PST.

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Thank you!


Hi everyone,

Here is the final homework assignment from Lecture 4:

You guys are doing great!


Leo Varas, Week 4!
Here are my current versions of final renders!

There’s some things that i’m still tidying up like the wierd triangulated shading on the hind feathers, i’ve tried a couple things but i haven’t figured out the issue yet.
EDIT: I’ve resolved the bad shading on the feathers!

Also toned down the neck and collarbones, but maybe not enough?

Also i didn’t want to render the turn table until i had gotten every bit of feedback i could.

i’m also really torn on making a proper platform ressembling an altar where the judge does her judging, but i don’t want to distract viewers too much. I’ll give it a try anyway and you guys can tell me if the character is enhanced or not during the Q&A.

The full platform! i do think it won’t work the whole time given how busy it looks, but i also think it adds a lot to certain angles!


Victor Silva, Week 4
I made a environment, but i don’t have sure if i’ll use it in the final renders…
Still strugling to find the best settings to render the final versions.


Hi! everyone,

Here is my homework for Lecture4:
I’ve migrated all of my work to Arnold render. (I’m run out of Vray Trial)
and fixed some comment from the Week3 Q&A session.

Gun and some torso parts are not done yet.

I’ll do more texture work before final submit.


Oliver Jaramillo / Week 4

4k render, cant upload 8k for some reason!?.

Wireframe render

UVs and wireframes

rebusfarm watermarket

Hair Groom


Julian Waller / Week 4


Hey @omar-h, is the deadline for this course still tomorrow? I asked on the help and announcements thread but its radio silent over there!
EDIT: nvm question was answered


Tony Ruiz / Week 4

Hey! such a long time and tons of work! The level here is high, congratulations to all, you’re doing amazing pieces! :clap::clap::clap:

It has been a tough week this one. Vray for the first time, and this time Xgen has been a challenge, even though, I am happy with the most part!




Xgen guides:


almost Done!!! :slight_smile:


Duarte Perdigão, week 4
hello everybody, it’s been great fun.
thank you for the learning opportunity.
best of luck to you all.


hello again, I noticed that I uploaded an image with the displacement of the sweater turned off.
so i’m re-uploading the correct version of it an a new one with a different angle.


Daryna Soloviova Week 4.


Hey everyone, here’s my homework of week 4


Tamar Mebonia / Week 4/

Mzeqala is all prepped up, but there were unexpected pitfalls along the path, which I’ll address further in this post.
But first, beauty shots.


Pitfall #1: While my original intention was to carry out the task in Maya, during these 2 months I had to abandon it and switch to Blender instead. Blender 2.8 doesn’t have UDIMS. I believe an experimental build of 2.81 had them (I still don’t know if they implemented it, haven’t upgraded. Either way it was too late when that version came out), and it was unstable and didn’t perform well for me, for which I stuck to the 2.8 version and went about it the “old fashioned” way, by relying different materials to make the separation.

Original UDIMS before I migrated the model to blender:

And additional Mandili (the cloth wrapped around her head) UVs - which weren’t included in the original, since I added it a lo later:

Pitfall #2: I discovered only too late (yesterday) that in order to have a watermark-free render on RebusFarm, you must make a purchase of at least 10 Euros in worth. At he risk of being disqualified completely, I’ve decided not to pay. Here’s the watermarked main render (it’s identical to the very first image in this post, plus the pesky watermarks):


Hy Guys, I did what I could, Random Background. I had the same issues with the watermark in rebusfarm, so I won’t upload the render that came from rebusfarm. Thank you for the opportunity. it was really challenging and I learned a lot of stuff


HI guys, sorry I fell at the last step of the contest “send to rebusfarm” it was an error with xgen and i couldn’t fix the probleme within the expected time :frowning: it’s a life :slight_smile:

I share with you my last render

thank you it was a super experience :slight_smile:

Good luck for the future and well done for the winner :slight_smile:

Have a good day

see you in a next contest