Week 3: RebusFarm Homework Submissions


Here’s where you’ll be posting your “Week 3” WIP assignments!

Be sure to take a look around at others’ works and offer helpful feedback if you can.

Please include: First Name/ Last Name/ Week

Don’t forget to watch Lecture 3 on Hair Grooming and Continued LookDev - make sure you’re logged in and registered in order to view the video (released on Oct 29).

The “Week 3”/Lecture 3 live Q&A webinar will happen on Sunday, Nov 10th @ 7pm PST. Sign up for the webinar here if you haven’t already!

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Hi everyone,

Here is the new homework assignment from Lecture 3:

Keep it up!


test scenes WIP



Still a lot to do, but i`m having a good time experimenting with vray.
Probably i’ll start the hair (xgen) this weekend, and test another poses.

Small updates to coat and skin shaders and a few tweaks to their expresion

Still need some tweaking


Hey everyone, here’s mine one. still got to do the eyelashes and refine everything as much as time will allow, but i am super happy with my progress and this project in general! looking forward to seeing everyone’s final renders!


FUN!!! playing around in VRay is fun. I wanna try a few things with the textures but this is pretty much it. I might do XGen for the eyebrows but otherwise this is fun.


hello everyone, here is my week 3.
hair and LookDev… still experimenting


Hi!! This is my first look dev.
I’ve updated my facial proportion a bit, base on Live comment.

It’s my first time on Vray and Xgen I’ve read tons of documents and start playing around with my file.
A lot of weird artifacts are scattered around my render scene. I’ve to spend another week try fixing it.



Hi there!!! These weeks had been a very busy weeks learning vray and xgen, and correcting a lot of things of previous ones. I’m still messing around with the hair but I think I’m more or less happy with the general lookdev.
I’m very excited to make the real hair!!!