Week 1: RebusFarm WIP / Homework Submissions


Here’s where you’ll be posting your Week 1 WIP assignments! Be sure to take a look around at others’ works and offer helpful feedback if you can.

Please include: First Name/ Last Name/ Week

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Hi everyone,

Here is this week’s homework assignment:

Looking forward to seeing your work!


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Hi Omar

It’s Awesome to watch your lecture thank you so much doing this for free

hear is my character WIP
I choose A character from the awesome character concept from Cesar Vergara



Still need more work to
even the base mesh not yet finished in this screenshots
I’ll upload them soon


finally got the main design finished. Just got get the details done for the High res sculpt.


started the retopo, but man does it take a while with the hands.


Here’s my concept, from Jeremy Anninos (https://www.artstation.com/anninosart)
I chose a half bust concept, will think about what to do with the bottom half. or might just skip it in case I ran out of time

Here’s the blockout so far, hope to do more this weekend!


First of all, great work everyone!

concept by https://www.artstation.com/oruam he’s got really cool stuff so make sure to check him out!

Here is my current WIP. I am glad that we got more time for week 1 because it really is much to learn and I think I wouldn’t have made it in time.

I still have to refine the mesh some more and do the retopo and the UV’s. I don’t have much experience so it will probably be a pain.

Happy working!


I am working on dem UV’s and I think I am nearly done. (hopefully!) IDK if I did it right but I think it should work. I will see as soon as we get to the paint job I guess.


I finished the retopo + UV maps for the character and the snake. I don’t now if the maps are any good but the checker looked okay so I guess I’ll be able to work with it. If you have any tipps please let me know!
after rewatching the tutorial, I’ll probably spread the maps over more udims but for the time being I am satisfied.
Now I have to get it all back to ZBrush to get the High Poly version back on track. After that I will do the posing and I will (finally) be set for next week!


I made some further adjustments and fixed the orientation of the maps
@omar-h I was wondering if this is ok or if I should spread the maps over more udims? And thank you for doing this! I already got much needed information =)


I thought it started on Oct 6th!
I just saw the lecture today, I will try to catch up for next week.


Wow! Fantastic work everyone!
How do you work so fast?
Here’s my WIP. I’m using my own concept art.
I’m not really sure what I shall do with the eyes. Maybe do a set of proper opened eyes and then close it with rigging instead?!

UPDATE: 2019-10-13

I’ve really enjoyed seeing everyone’s post and it’s great!
Also thank you for the webinar Q&A replay, I couldn’t join myself because of the time difference we have.

I tried a few ways to do the eyes:
Like masking eye contour on the face and used Extract tool to get a separate subtool for the eyes.

I appended upper- and under eyelids, masked where I wanted the eyeslashes to be and used move brush to form eyelashes.

I used clayBuildup- and pinchbrush to refine the eyes and eyelashes.
At the end I decided to sculp her eyes closed since I’m not going to use the model with opened eyes.

Seeing that I’m way behind schedule and am stressed about it, I hope to finish week 1 assignment this coming week. :slight_smile: Practise makes perfect! Fighting! ^^


hi everyone, heres the blockout WIP of the character that i am doing, it is based on my own concept.

i need to know if this topology it is right for hardsurface models!!!
if its not, then how should be the right topology??

update model




I updated the pose in ZBrush transpose master and brought it all back to Maya. Improvements were mostly in the hand grip on the sword and the shoulder/neck area.
Stay tuned for next week’s video discussing the texturing!
and feel free to join me in the live Q&A webinar which will happen on Sunday, Oct 6 @ 7pm PST
Sign up here!


Hi everyone!

I chose to do the Orc Female Barbarian and here is the main concept i used for it.
Very good artist, i like all his works and always dreamed to do his character from the “Ms.Orc” set.
I also use many others concepts for armours and maybe will do her with two-wield axes.

Here is my week 1 WIP. I only managed to do the main blockout


Hi I’m Mod Ratchata and here is my “Week1 !!”

I’ve spent all my weekends to do this.
I’ve choosing Eri Kasamoto from Metal SlugX to sculpt.
I didn’t go through the UVs yet, I can’t make it in time I can do only a rough blockout.
hope I can finish this character.

Thankyou for a superb workflow course!!!


Hi everyone. Amazing work here.

I made a character based on Ciri from the Witcher series. Just went through multiple references and had gone freestyling a bit.
(Sorry for the crude ZBrush screencaps. I don’t know how to get proper renders)

The hair and polypaint don’t do her justice. I just retopologized everything and then painted on her, resulting in some very bad polypaint. Hopefully XGen , Substance Painter and Mari can fix these.

Yet to unwrap the UV’s, hopefully will be able to finish them soon.

Thanks for the amazing pipeline course, btw.


Hey there! This is my project for the course on its “Week1”. Decided to go with my own concept. Still have to add all of the details and do the UVs, NOT looking forward to that.


Nice work, everyone!

This is my first time in a long time trying to do a stylised character and doing prerendered stuff, so picked up something fairly simple, yet challenging.

Original concept by Abigail Diaz - Author’s Artstation

Since it’s barely a bust and I wanted to keep original pose, I have a few other references and will pose the character seated.
WIPs for this week:

Hair is obviously a placeholder (already feel the pain of doing it in xgen later), jewelry needs some work and shoes are missing.

I do plan to work on detailing clothes when I have her posed as it doesn’t make sense to do it now. But I have a question as how I should approach it, maybe Omar or someone else can help.
If I retopologise and uv pants now, I feel like they will have a lot of stretching when she will be sitted on her knees. Is there any way to avoid it other than redoing uvs (and retopo) once posing is finished?

Constructive feedback is welcome, even though I will probably change everything at least 10 more times before I finish the model :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I was sick for the most of the week, thus not much update.
Some work on face to make it more like concept and added shoes, which already have decent topology.

Had some troubles with gemstone in the earrings.

Is it okay to leave something like that unsmoothed? I tried several ways of beveling it, but it looses this defined pattern of hard edges no mater what I do. I mean, it obviously does not matter that much for personal work, but what would you do in production?

Hopefully I will catch up next week.

Final Update for week 1 assignment.

Everything has been Uv-ed and draft-posed. I ended up rebuilding most of clothing and body completely after having a feedback from my colleague, which made me realise that body shape wasn’t working. Model was rigged using Mixamo autorigging tool.


Been meaning to do a lot more but here’s what I’ve done so far. I started by creating the base mesh from scratch in Maya, and have started detailing in ZBrush. Started this way because I did’nt have a base mesh to begin with and figured I’d try and get the topology right from the start. Work is far from complete compared to what I need to complete within this week. Hope to catch up. WIll post more screenshots soon.


Cheers! Thanks for looking and great work everyone!


Your model looks great! If you dont mind my asking, what basemesh did you start working on? Thanks and looking forward to seeing your progress mate! Cheers!