web Design : Sepehr Foam , Vahid Bayat (2D)


Title: web Design : Sepehr Foam

Name: Vahid Bayat

Country: Iran

Software: Photoshop

Submitted: 14th July 2015



I’ve always been interested in web design, so I chose a similar direction. I’m creating presentations, and I like it. It’s great that now there are many tools for this, which greatly simplifies the task. I recently found examples of free slides on this source, and they came in handy too https://masterbundles.com/downloads/free-google-slides-space-theme/ It’s great that we can find so many free materials and features, the main thing is to find them and use them correctly.


Hello! I’ve always been fascinated by design as long as I can remember. That’s why I’ve chosen to spend my life in it, and now I’m working on projects of varying complexity. As an experienced specialist, I can say that if it wasn’t for beach vector , it would have been much harder for me. This resource allows you to pick really high-quality vector images and use them in your work. They have such a large stock library that I can spend hours selecting the best options.