[Weapon] Medieval Axe


Hello there guys,
this is our first post here.

We started to work on this small exercise to improve our personal technics and also to open our minds on a subject we really appreciate: Medieval Weapons

We’ll keep posting on our spare time as the work follows. We hope you like it :?)

:.see high version.:

:.see high version.:

:.see high version.:

:.see high version.:

Best regards,


Hello guys,
we did a small test just to check out HDRI. It also carries a very simple procedural texture too.
The render is still not fully adjusted, specially regarding the number of samples, but we already start to figure out how it might look at the end.

Now we’re going to work on a scene for this axe to be in. Probably going to adjust it all over too. :?)

Well that’s it…hope you like it. Comments are always very much welcome.

.:see high version:.

Best regards,


Good model, is it going to be for a character.:thumbsup:


Hello, This looks really good the texture is good on the handle but the blade seems a little dull compared to the rest of the detail of the weapon, plus just saying this but a full metal hand would not be good to swing with for like 4 hours in a battle. It would make your hand crack open and really sore, part of the reason they have rubber on the handle is to absorb the shock of the blow.



thank you for the comment. We didn’t really think about adding a character now, but that may be a really nice thing :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for the detailed comments.
We’re still working on the texture. That was a first shot until we decided how the scene would look like. The axe will have a much better look and the rubber handle on it. I mean… I don’t really know if they could handle rubber at this time in the past, but something more soft, leather maybe… :?)

Well, that’s all for now guys. Soon we’ll send some more updates.
Thank you so much for the contributions.



Hello fellows!
Thank you for seeing our post.

We finally decided our axe is placed under a tree and over a solid rock.
We’re still working on it and would be glad to hear your suggestions for the axe textures.

.:see high version:.

Thanks a bunch,


Hello guys!

We have some updates here!
Before all I need to tell you that the flake we will make it more roubust. Some people tell us it is like a sheet! hahahahaha When we have some space time amoung our jobs we will make this flake better!

So… these are the updates>>>>


other angle>>>


See you!



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