Water Simulations


So basically wanna know the approach of mixing water simulations with water from a live action plate. Could be a sea whirl for example. Couldn’t find much on it.

Cheers guys.


It’s really not that much different than compositing anything else. You have to match your lighting, the camera placement, scale, angle, frame rates, etc. Keep the sim sufficiently detailed enough as to stay in line with the plate. Similar to how you would sculpt something, you also need to work in layers of detail. Take a waterfall for example. You’ve got the primary fluid dynamic representing the rush of water over the cliff. On top of that, you want to add a secondary layer of watery foam at the bottom. On top of THAT, you want another layer with particle mist. Of course, with all that going on, you need to mind your colliders, work with proxies, and preview along the way. Depending on the quality off the background plate, you’ll also want to add in some noise to “sell” the illusion. Rendering any sim is time consuming. Water, in particular, is especially so. If you must run a test render, do it on off-peak hours such as when you’re in bed. Saves you from staring at the screen and keeps you from screaming, “Hurry the f*** up already!!!” :stuck_out_tongue: