Watchtower- basics


Hi, after few years passed me by? I still think of progressing in drawings. In my free time I start from beginning and inspired by dynamic sketching classes done by cgma, little by little I start practicing. When I feel ready I would like to take some online classes by cgma, untill that I will be so happy, if you guys can give me feedbacks and your insight on my drawings, anything is welcome. Thank you very much.

I am using pigment liners and set of brushmarkers.
My level- trying to figure out, how basic forms as triangles rectangles are working, starting with trees, simple buildings, rocks, etc. TO express myself on paper… Try to do as many mistakes as possible. Still I find this challenging.

8.7.2017 // based on reference


When you take photos of artworks, you have to be careful with camera shake as well as make sure the shutter speed is fast enough. Also, just FYI, this is a digital art forum, so it’s not really fitting to post non-digital works here.*

The lighting is off, showing weird contradictions. You have form shadow on the right side of the building, yet the building doesn’t cast any shadows onto the tree to its right, nor does it even cast shadow onto itself (look at the upper portion.*

If you don’t have a decent grasp on how lighting works, you can get a crash course here:*


many thanks very useful, yes totally of. I see it now, thx