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I published 24 Blender video tutorials on Youtube.

The topics range from basic tasks, such as how pivot points work, animating a bouncing ball realistically, and how to split and join windows, to more obscure topics such as radiosity, the grease pencil, and ambient occlusion. I also published a Sneak Preview of Blender 2.5.

I welcome all comments, including suggestions for future tutorials.


Blender Python Video Tutorial 1-Setup

The purpose of this tutorial is to introduce you to Blender’s Python environment. Understanding this environment should help you understand how Blender works as well. Of course, if you want to write Python scripts to make Blender behave exactly how you want, becoming familiar with the Blender Python environment is the first step. Even if you don’t program, just understanding how to run a script will allow you to run Python programs, called scripts, written by others.

I plan additional tutorials on Blender Python programming, including basic Python programming, how to use scriptlinks, creating your own plugins, and creating a user interface for your Python scripts.

I welcome all comments.


Watch Blender 2.49b Append and Link Tutorial Read text of the tutorial

Suppose you have created a complicated scene, complete with a neat texture, materials, animations, and whatever else. You might want to reuse the scene, or objects in it, in another blend file. Or, you may be collaborating with others. One person does the textures and materials, another does the animation, a third is setting up the camera, and so on. How can everyone work on his or her own piece of the project and have it all come together in one final blend file? Fortunately, Blender comes to the rescue. Blender has powerful features - called Append and Link - which lets you import all sorts of things from other .blend files into your .blend file. The goal of this tutorial is to show you how you won’t have to reinvent the wheel. Instead, you just use Append and Link to reuse what already has been created.

I welcome all comments.


Hello Blender users and artists

we have created a new website where we collect all the videos (it can be tutorial, demo reels, features, time-lapse, and many more) related to blender . Please do visit

Thanks you


Hi, i want to colaborate. i did a few tuts in spanish
here are if you are intrested

AO and comp. nodes

pin screen using dupli verts

using srink wrap and retopo mode

realistic small flame, made using particle and post-nodes

most of them are in spanish but may be usefull for someone.


I’ve made three tutorials so far for beginner users.
How to use Blender audio:
How to use transcode video with Blender and Virtual Dub:
How to use splices to add transitions to your videos:
how to move, scale, and otherwise distort videos from within the video sequencer:
Check my channel for future tutorials:


I haven’t checked more links, but at least all the “chromakey” links are dead.

They could probably be replaced with these ones?:
ChromaKeying from the Blender tutorials.
Matte from the Blender tutorials could also be usefull.



I wanted to add to this list our blog on Blender 3d.

There are several video tutorials, soft body, texture animation, double sided materials …
and soon we will raise more video tutorials.



No longer available


Hi guys and girls,

here are some more video tutorials for all german blender users (and english speaking people that want to hear a german voice while they are blendering :wink: )

The subject of those tutorials is (and the further will be mostly) architecture and postpro. Today will appear another one: coloring a x6 with the node editor. Comments are very appreciated.

Greetings to all of you… Tom


So, this is my first video tutorial and I`m here to invite you all to watch it!
It is at my site:
And this is the final result:


You can access my video tutorials here:

Feedback and constructive criticism always appreciated!

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CG Cookie’s videotutorials

Cgtuts+ - Blender

On creating realistic human skin: Ben Amend’s Blender Tutorials

On the human body: Articulation


so many useful links, thanks! also found some tutorials on Vimeo


Hi! Well, i thought that it’s about time to have some activity in here as well. So, for start, here is my little contribution to the blender tutorials.


Uploaded with[/IMG]


I am a relatively new Blender user and for the past week or so I had been struggling to come to grips with using Blender’s built-in sculpt tools. Turns out sculpting using a new feature in Blender called, Dynamic Topology, gives you the edge you desperately need to make your work stand out.

I discovered an invaluable tutorial by Kent Trammell, “Creature Modeling for Production” which can be found on Cgcookie’s website. It helped me tremendously.

:stuck_out_tongue: If you’re curious to see the results from my having used the tutorial, you can check it out here:

The tutorial is available here:


Great stuff, thanks a lot


here is a playlist on modeling a tank in blender that I made


Cool, any plans of uploading more videos texturing the tank?