watch and learn!! --video tutorial list--


My lowpoly terrain object tutorial

Quite comprehensive as it covers just about everything for making terrain objects


thanks all i will be checking these out! Very helpful indeed!



I thought this sight mite be useful.

There’s a lot of good quality videos to be had!


If you have ever wondered what it would be like to have a ‘real’ instructor to hold your hand while walking down the Blender road…Neal Hirsig is your man! (

The sight for his video’s are at:

While at this sight check out everything, you can only learn!


There is a web sight just for us!

The video’s are truly top-shelf. Take a look through the archives and see what I mean.


wow so many broken videos/ links.

i hope they will be updated soon with new ones.


The above post needs removed. It appears to be a SPAM link.


Ah no… not deliberate. The owner of that site has dropped it and it’s been picked up by an advertising squatter. Link needs removing all the same though :wink:


Thanks for all of those, they were really helpful!


Here are a bunch of video tutorials I made on using Blender for post-pro and compositing, grouped into four albums:
Introduction to Nodes and Compositing desktop
Image/Video Formats and Standards supported by Blender
Image Conversion and Distortion
Special Effects

enjoy! and feel free to use the paypal link to send me some love…:slight_smile:


Thanks! Very helpful!


Could we get some more project based tutorials either made or linked to here? Especially in the area of architecture?

Appreciate it!

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I ran across this site which is primarily does Flash training but apparently have entered into the Blender training market as well. The videos are basic intro and are the least expensive of any I have ever seen.

Basic Training Videos


new italian blog with videotutorial for blender total free, i’m admin.



Someone has most likely posted this up already but I could not find them listed here. I’ve been going through these this morning and these are great for those who just need to get into Blender quickly…


Simple and professional blender video tutorials site.


I am happy to announce that my first video tutorial is up and ready to be downloaded from
This is my first tutorial ever, so I hope it came out good.
The tutorial targets MAX users who would love to migrate to Blender for various reasons, but overwhelmed with it’s state-of-art GUI. It will explain how to make Blender look similar to 3DS MAX.
Go ahead and get it while it’s hot
Thank you.



Great site thanks for that.:cool:


i need to use the game engine

want to download all those video tutorials but the links don’t work anymore.

Anybody have a different link or would be kind to upload them?

Thank you