watch and learn!! --video tutorial list--


Here is a list of video-tutorials available. The list will change constantly and has to be updated, when links are broken, etc.
In respect to the authors of the videos, I also did link to their home-pages.
To enjoy the flash tuts fully press F11 (fullscreen browser window-toggle F11)
If you have opera (fastest browser on earth) you can zoom in and out of your browser-window with >ctrl. scroll wheel

To be able to watch the videos you need the following…
xvid und divx, everybody should have them by now…
some videos need the techsmith codec (example: joetainment series.)
to watch the flash tutorials you need the flash browser plug-in

if you feel like producing some video-tutorials yourself, please check that it is noy a repeated function. Tools for screen capture (there are more):
for linux

the best alternative is ?wink?
with wink you can produce interactive flash tutorials impeded in html pages.
files are very small and download times are reduced to a minimum, even for slow connections.
Check it out:

OK. Have fun and happy blender-learning!!---->

Video Tutorial Links:

new section at (incl. most mentioned here, but better organized):

Various functions:

Interface handling, more videos to come:

animation/ armature set-up:

quite interesting to read is this:
Series of videos covering a small project, from start to the final render. Most basic functions are covered.

Various topics:

game-engine logic
beast plug-in
application in architecture

simple glow effect in sequenzer

complex glow effects:

Edge face loops, interactive wink flash tut

head and rvk-animation (flash-tuts, F11-dont forget it)

you can find the following at the index home page: (prior registration is necessary)

zu Hause: blend.polis (wo ist denn dein dino?)
model a bottle with SubSurf


chromakey (bluescreen / greenscreen composition)
plug-in available here:

video tut produktion— gutes virtual dub tut

no tutorials, but small examples for sfx with blender

LSCM wink tut (in Spanish)

pasted original post by D89:
Blender Game engine cousrse (40 free video tut)
hi everybody

do you dream of creating something like this…413fdbb7326.JPG…54473a8708f.JPG…6167887d95a.jpg

blender game engine

video tutorials listing

note : you will need Techsmith’s free video codec to run all files

or download here directly (170kb) (i have mentioned the site so that is legal)

press right click then save the file

Name Size Properties

seperating views
001-gui-preparing.avi 359424 [Video Clip]

top, front, side, and camera viewports
002-viewports.avi 208384 [Video Clip]

crating 3D objects
003-creating-objects.avi 399872 [Video Clip]

004grs.avi 809984 [Video Clip]

shading modes
005-shade-mode.avi 376320 [Video Clip]

simple 3D modeling in Blender
006-simple-modeling.avi 3347456 [Video Clip]

working with pivots
007-pivots.avi 662528 [Video Clip]

duplicating, joining, parenting and separating
008-DJPS.avi 1697792 [Video Clip]

logic brick (Motion actuator)
009-e-object-motion.avi 1738240 [Video Clip]

keyboard sensor & visibility actuator
010-keyboard-visibility.avi 1229824 [Video Clip]

realtime (inGame) textures
011-realtime-texture.avi 742400 [Video Clip]

changing UV map coordinates
012-uv-mapping.avi 1248768 [Video Clip]

applying reflection maps
013-reflection-map.avi 1299968 [Video Clip]

applying alpha maps
014-alpha-mapping.avi 1618432 [Video Clip]

making a simple game (application of the above)
015-1st-simple-game.avi 2342400 [Video Clip]

physics I (basics)
016-physics1.avi 2638848 0x0,1 [Video Clip]

physics II ( gravity + other Physics ) & changing realtime bg color
017-p2-graviety-bgcolor.avi 721920 [Video Clip]

physics III
018-physics3.avi 1475072 [Video Clip]

physics IIII (dyn properties)
019-p3-dyn.avi 667648 [Video Clip]

recorded motion (ipo) in realtime (game engine)
020-ipo1.avi 1465344 [Video Clip]

  • record other properties such as light color/brightness & learn pulse mode
    021-lamp-pulse.avi 3468800 [Video Clip]

make the camera follow the object
022-cam-follows-obj.avi 432640 [Video Clip]

adding sounds and music in your game
023-sound.avi 2092544 [Video Clip + audio]

understanding controllers
024-controllers.avi 195584 [Video Clip]

vertex painting
025-vp.avi 1075712 [Video Clip]

*make your own alpha map with the gimp then export to Blender
026-gimp-alpha-maps.avi 994816 [Video Clip]

importing dxf files, & LSCM mapping method

027-dxf-import-lscm.avi 2744000 [Video Clip]

a blend file shows an application of the most of the above

robot.blend 567000 [a Blend file]

UV mapping techniques such as mirroring & others
029-uv-techniques.avi 1103872 [Video Clip]

new tutorials will be added soon… also for free :wink:

and the missing ones is being uploaded
god bless you all


Cool! Thanks BBirras! Downloading some of them now! :bounce:



Lovin it!


thanks!!!it will help me to learn ho to make cg using blender…:thumbsup:



Fabian Pinilla


Hello folks.

Here is a tutorial i attempted using Wink. It deals with making objects with holes in them.

You can view it online at this location.


ciscoleal asked 2 questions in a thread. so i made another minitut to answer his questions. you can view it here


I made a small tutorial in wink to demonstrate the concept of duplivert.

You can get the zipped file containing the tutorial here


Another tutorial demonstrating the application of multiple materials to mesh objects in blender.

(html+swf made in Wink)

View Tutorial Online

Download Zipped File


cool stuff-keep them coming


Hi. Glad you liked them.

Here’s one more: How to make a cartoonish shoe


View Online:

Another way to accomplish the goal



(Note that this is my own opinion, this may not be an actual fact)

One tip about Wink, If you use smoothe mouse or whatever, it actually slows down the cursor. Making the tutorial confusing.

Watch this tutorial on how to make tutorials…

site here


hi to all

too bsy atm, but will update tzhe first post soon! there is loads of good new stuff out in the www- youll see


There are some links in this thread that go to Unfortunately, blenderman had some server issues, and so is no longer up and running (I just thought I’d let you know).

Oneanother note, I’ve recorded a couple of Blender video tutorials (with more on the way):
Modeling A Stargate: Part OneLearn to model a rough stargate in Blender (good for beginners trying to get familiar with basic techniques such as extruding and the rotdup command).

Widgets, Widgets, Widgets
Learn to use a new feature in Blender - widgets. Good for beginners that are wondering what those arrows are…

Both of the tutorials that I’ve recorded are in the Quicktime format, and you should be able to view files compressed with Sorenson 3. If you don’t hear any audio, it’s probably because you don’t have the right audio codec. Do a google search for “Qualcomm Purevoice Compressor”.


  • artofwot


This is something that I should have done a long time ago…

I just finished a quick tutorial showing how to compile a sequence plugin for windows using wedit, the IDE for the lcc compiler. lcc produces a much smaller .dll than the ones currently in the repository and it’s the first step to learning to code your own plugins in c!

  It's done with wink so it's flash and 323k.  See it [Here](

Or just save it to your hard drive…right click on comptut1.swf

 I also posted this at elysiun...


quite a lot of interesting stuff over HERE


For those of you using a Linux variant with the Gnome desktop, you may want to check out this link for a program you can use to record your desktop session. It should be handy:



I was hoping I wasnt the only Linux user that uses Blender. :slight_smile:

Now, if I can only master Blender I can start making video tutorials.



I am collecting all my tutorials/demos made using wink on my new website dedicated to Blender. The link is below



a nice youtube one I came across.



Here is my little contribution to Blender video tutorial.

How to export model to WireFusion with Texture Baked.

Video is here

Also don’t miss 2 first David Revoy Blender specialist video to learn basic first step with Blender and export to Realtime applications like Softlime.

Here is David video forum thread (french forum but video with English Blender)