Warriors do Cry


Well i made this here piece a few weeks ago,but never dared to post it on cgtalk,now i just stumbled on this here part of the forum and thought it fitting for my piece.


This is an interesting image and a great concept to show a gladiator expressing emotion and perhaps regret over what he has done in battle.

I think the image could use more colour saturation as I don’t think the low level adds to the air of the image, I think adding a more visible emotional expression to the characters face would also help and finally I personally feel that the image is begging to be set in a wide arena rather than in a pit to properly convey the meaning of the scene to the audience without relying to some degree on the title.

Having said all of that your modelling work has been pulled off with skill in particular through the body form of the warrior and his clothing, this is an image with a lot of promise and stand quite well on its own as it is.

Good luck


thanks for the response,yea i will be looking into this after i finish my new model.


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