Warehouse Spring Clean, and member benefits


The current discount offer on non-slip cased d’artiste titles is the first of a series of CGS member only discounts we intend to roll out through 2008. We plan to extend member offers beyond Ballistic Publishing to partner companies. We are also cooking up some ideas involving education and mentoring.

We really want to hear your feedback on this first offer and how you best like to be contacted - newsletter, email, banner ad or even not at all! We are also looking for suggestions on who you would like us to team up with. No promises but we will listen and try.

Find out more about our d’artiste offer here; http://www.ballisticpublishing.com/specials/


…Wow, tempting. I have a week to think about it, hmmm…


Too tempting for me, I’ve placed an order :thumbsup:

As a beginning/hobbyist artist, this offer is a perfect opportunity for me to get a book that I usually couldn’t justify purchasing, so thank you!

To answer your question, I like email and newsletter offers - but if there are going to be lots of these offers, they’re probably best kept in the newsletter to save our inboxes!


Ordered the d’artiste book. :smiley:
May I ask how long it might take to get to Ireland?
Thanks…looking forward to getting it!


Delivery by postal airmail takes 1 - 3 weeks. The delivery time is stated on the website, and also in the “confirmation” and “shipped” emails. Your order will be sent out next Tuesday (Monday being a public holiday here).


cool! :smiley: just ordered mine 2 days ago. email notification is the best for me, but i read the banner ads too… with “team up with” you mean making a deal with another company to get discount for their products? (sorry, my english isnt the best) if so, it would be awesome to get some discount on products from http://freedomofteach.com/ - they have some very good quality anatomy figures, and new ones are comming. just a suggestion… Cheers :thumbsup:


i am a ballistic books worm!I have purchased expose 2-5 but i didn’t pay too much for shipping ,it was free i guess.i have ordered two d’artiste book today but it says i should pay 133.12 US Dollar for FedeX!:sad:i dont want to pay that much for fedex!there is no standard option!where is the free shipping for cgmembers then?!:shrug:
Please help me in this as i ordered this for a friends birthday!

I’d like to be noticed through email.any how,i would read newsletters & banners.

Also How can i find expose 1?



My book came today! I’m waiting till my exams are over to open it though (tomorrow). That was a very fast delivery…I’m impressed!


Hi there,

I was just wondering if ballistic free shipping for cgs members is still active ? If yes, could someone explain me how to ? If not, is there a chance that it will be active anymore ?

Thanx for replies


Ballistic ended free shipping at the end of last month after finding that it was being used by less than 10% of the CGS membership. we have no immediate plans to bring it back But we may roll it into some offers. Ballistic does intend to make other offers to the CGS membership that we hope will offer as much or greater value to book buying customers.


I was going to order books last week only to sadly see the free shipping was gone ;( For some of us in the U.S. free shipping makes it worth while since it is basically a half a book in most cases. I really do hope there are some good deals for CGS members.



I recieved a good discount on fedex shipping through my latest purchase from ballistic publishing,
but i can not use the discounted promotions as i have to pay too much for shipping,i rather to wait and buy few books at the same time to pay once for shipping.

I think after Cgportfolio paid featured,the number of cg society paid members highly increased,So, lets see what are the new offers.[/left]


Too bad ! I registered to cgsociety to take advantage of this offer… No way to get exeptional free shipping ?
Anyway, thanx for answering.


Same for me. I registered to cgsociety last year for the free shipping because of the expensive shipping costs to germany. I thought the benefit is valid until end of the membership year. Any chance?


I was hoping to catch this offer too and this is what I get after clicking the link.


You don’t have permission to access /specials/ on this server.

Apache/2.0.52 (CentOS) Server at www.ballisticpublishing.com Port 80[/I]

Too bad. Hope to see some more in the future :thumbsup:


One of the main reasons I decided to renew my CGSociety membership recently was for the free shipping of Ballistic Books. Now that I have just lost twenty minutes trying to figure out why the shopping cart refuses to drop the shipping charges no matter what I try, this thread finally explains the situation.

Why this change in terms isn’t prominently in the FAQ, I don’t know. Yes, costs have risen across the board, but please make it clear that shipping is no longer included in membership.

Thank you.


my question exactly - I wanted to order a couple of books and there doesn’t seem to be any more free shipping for CGSociety members :frowning:


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