I looked at a black and white pic of a war scene picture taken long ago, and tried to imitate it. Enjoy. ALl PS CS and tablet


the painting itself is not bad. i think that it could be much stronger if it were arranged a little differently. by that i mean, if you were to rearrange the composition by changing the angle or empasizing certain aspects of it, it would be more exciting. as of now, it seems somewhat far off and almost bland. also, i don’t get the sense of the actual conflict of war. i’m not sure if the boat is part of the same force as the planes or not. it think if you were to show the boat pointed in the same direction as the planes or if you were to show the opposing force, it would be a much clearer message. also, if you had the boat much closer to the viewer and have the boat pointed streight at us, it would seem more like this huge force is approaching. now, the photos you used for reference may not have been that dramatic, but as an artist, you should manipulate things in order to make a much stronger statement or feeling. also, if you are going for the old, world war 2 photo look, i would make it look a lot fuzzier and grimier. just blur it or distort it a little and add some noise and grain and it should be more convincing. right now, it looks very crisp and clean. crisp and clean is not bad, but if you are going to make it in black and white and have it portraying a war scene from the 40s, you should go all out. hope that was helpful. :slight_smile: keep it up. “practice is the mother of skill”


heh, thanks. ur advice is the best i’ve gotten. i used to submit at devart, but everyone simple says 'good job, it rock’s ’ or soemthing, but this forum’s where im really getting the advice. thansk alot!


Water and sky look really well done, but I agree with jearley about the lack of actual conflict. If the planes directly above the ship are bombers, you could add explosions in the water near the battle ship. Because of the distance, I don’t immediately see that this is a gunship, so try adding a flash from the guns and heavy gray clouds in the sky where the shells have exploded. The fact that the gunship is relatively small in the picture can be a good thing in that it emphasizes how alone and outnumbered it is. Removing the teeny boats would emphasize this even more.

BTW, the lead plane looks like it’s been hit and is leaking oil already.


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