Want to be part of serious community! :)


I’m wanting to make some new friends with people who take their design seriously and want to help each other with honest critical opinions and generally being positive! :slight_smile: Are there any discord channels or somewhere people are chatting?


I’m a newbie both here and to 3d, too! just joined some days ago: what bothers me is the fact, that my submissions/postings to the gallery (under ‘recent’) get removed without explanation… what’s wrong with them? I never gat an explanation, neither.


You’re probably, for the moment at least, in the “wrong” place posting your work. Without trying to offend, you’re offering home made pizza’s to a “3 star Michelin restaurant”. For both is room but the pizza may find better places to be appreciated then in this particular “restaurant”.

If you really like what you’re doing, keep looking at the gallery here. Study it, try to figure out how these artworks came to be. Try to strife to reach the same level that is displayed there by keep on practicing and evolving your art.

If you stick with 3D art, I’m looking at your gallery here, you still have a long road ahead of you. 3D art is not something you get good at in day’s, weeks or month’s but the end result will be absolutely gratifying.

A great way to improve your art is by getting constructive feedback. Knowing this place a bit, I don’t think you will get much of that here. There are other places though where you can grow at your art.
For example deviantart.com, or renderosity.com. You won’t find your artwork removed there (as long as you keep within the rules of those sites of course). They are probably the best places to start while you grow in your art.

Good luck. :slight_smile:


many thanx for kind counseling :)) yes, you’re right that I’m just starting to explore 3d and have a lot to learn. nevermind & nonetheless I see many works here on amateur level without being removed, but rather promoted :)) I would fully understand that the main gallery of ‘best works/staff picks’ is reserved for the best, but that a general gallery is open for all users - even newcomers and less talented.
to be clear on one issue/dimension: I am NOT into creating/working for high-level 3d-animation/character art, but my perspective is to learn rather for 2d ‘traditional’ art (virtual photos. e.g.) - and with rather simple freeeware tools like ‘makehuman’. both deviantart and renderosity are rather abhorrent sites for teenie-porn (in all techniques), right? to recommend them for improving is a clear sign of your own elitist misperception, I fear.
if cgsociety wants to be a closed community of professinals, it should state it clearly - maybe allow membership only after a judged/juried . and then - I tell you - hell would break lose amongst all perfect professional masters of 3d :))
not in defence of my lack of skills: I see many works here, which are technically perfect and very impressive - but poor in content (always the same monsters/characters/poses) and overtly poor kitsch in holly/bollywood-style. excatly that kind of ‘mastership’ here promoted I do NOT want to learn :))
good luck to you, too