Wacom #Drawcember Tips


Some Tips to help you on your way.

Be kind, encourage others and post around. Sharing comments builds a following as fast as sharing Art.

Drawing Daily is hard make it through to the end with enough images and you stand a good chance its a battle of endurance as well as skill set.

Keep your assignments manageable. Students new to sculpture often choose complex characters for their first assignment. A viking with flowing hair and beard, a helmet with horns a badass shield with a battle axe and armor. Don’t overwhelm yourself a simple life drawing or sketch from your day of a lamp post, a person at a bus stop, a fellow student or co worker can lead to much better results. Make a plan and take advantage of the challenge to grow a skill. What is your weakness right now hard surface? People? Environments Drawing trees, or life drawing for 30 days could make you a lot better at something simple. It’s rare that I hire people that do something complex fairly well. I tend to find people that do simple, excellent is more useful. Come up with a plan, keep it simple, keep it consistent.

Make Sure to Hashtag #drawcember #wacom #cgsociety judges will be browsing social networks to see who comes up most often.

Take request. if you want to make it more engaging and stick with it ask for request and see if you can meet the demand. It’s our hope you have fun with it and see what you are capable of.

Good luck everyone and thanks for playing.