Vue and maya 2014 render issue


[B]Hi I am using Vue and Maya mentalray render (Vue & Maya 2014 version)
I am facing a issue and due to that the files which I am launching for renders not rendering.This is the detail of the issue:

Everytime when I open the maya file vue is creating a folder in the C drive users emp\app data in eon folder

For example:

Where 523969854_426169649 is the folder which is created when the maya file is opened.
Then it transfers all the textures and texture related data in this folder.
When the file is rendered all the texture information is read from this folder.
Then when the file is closed this folder is removed from the C users path.
So when I submit the file in the foxrender farm it shows missing or lost & the renders are
coming out black or only with shader information on it.No textures are coming properly.

For now the workaround which I did is : I copied all this data into the sourceimages folder of the maya project.But this too didnt work…

Could anyone pls tell me how to fix this issue? So that all the textures are taken properly from the sourceimages folder in the maya project and images get rendered properly.