Vue 15 Render Stops


I’m using Vue 2015.2 and I’m trying to render out an image of 3000x1500 resolution using final based user settings. Every time I start rendering it just stops at the very beginning at 0% rendering time without any warning message whatsoever. If I lower resolution down to 1920, then it renders. 2100 already doesn’t work. If I go to “advanced effects options” in render settings and lower “volumetrics quality” down to 10% or so, then it renders out, but as you might guess the quality suffers. This “quality” is directly related to resolution, so I can render 2100 at around 20% quality and 3000 at 10% quality. And 1920 is working with default 50%.

So I wonder what might be the problem? Is Vue unable to render out anything higher than 2000 pixels wide at a final preset quality? Is it a bug or something? Or some limitation I could remove? Please help. :blush:


When I have run into this I will clear the render stack and then do a scene purge. Then do a preview render to re-establish the scene in the render stack. But unfortunately I have to render at a lower level than what was desired. If that helps any.