VRed to Cinema 4D


At work I’m receiving files from the CAD team - Direct exports from VRed, as FBX.
They say there are no optimization tools at their end, so this is all raw data coming into C4D.

The issue, is that one component of this data ,the interior of a vehicle in this case,
compromises of about 100 million raw polys, 200k+ objects (80k of which are blank nulls)

Nothing optimized, nothing welded, and barely any ability to move around the scene!
Even on a monster 64 core pro rig, (with 512gb of memory and 2 RTX A6000s at 48gb a piece)

There’s then 8 separate components for exterior, all with similar problems.

I have my work cut out for me, but wondering if anybody can help in a few areas.

1 Anybody familiar with optimizing scenes before exporting from VRed?
2 Are there any Python scripts around that will kill blank nulls?
3 Anybody gone through this process before, with any tips to shortcut this gnarly process?


Possibly this could be of use?


Never used vred, but the online documentation states the following in the “save as/export section”

Optimize Scene
Optimizes the scene to improve performance. Rendering speeds up while memory usage lowers after optimization. The three available algorithms are as follows:

Optimize Geometries: Optimizes the geometry structure.

Optimize/Share Geometries: Optimizes the geometry structure and tries to share duplicate geometries.

Merge/Optimize/Share Geometries: Changes the scene graph structure to achieve maximum optimization.

Here is the link:

Then there is C4D’s own optimize commands and polygon reductions, but in any case, that’s going to be a big pain in the neck.


Both helpful, thanks.
That optimize feature has about 100 options, some with confusing language for non-CAD folk.

The main factor was selecting all objects in the subtree (C4D hierarchy equivalent) and converting everything from Nurbs to Meshes. That seemed to join a lot of surfaces and reduced my object count from 200k objects to a comfortable 10k

With the optimization options on default, I got a further reduction to 6k, with no more blank nulls.

Appreciate the quick help!


welcome to my world …

CAD chargon is as jibberish as it can get and IMHO often just made up words for classic features to have a selling point … anyway I think all 3 options posted obove would help

In my case (PTC CREO) in all these nulls (which are basicaly parts) are each suface area as a separate Polygon object .

I made myself a script which goes through the hirachy and collects all “AXIS” nulls and merges the contained polygon objects to one Polygonobject …

this takes a while and is a process hog as a python script, but for my limited coding its the only solution I have for me at the moment.

Perhaps you can change the script (look for Axis) for your needs.

After that you could run an optimize comand to merge alls the duplicated points …

connect_nulls_calles_Axis.zip (2.0 KB)