VrayBlend Mtl


Hello guys, I have been experimenting with vray blend and I want to make a wet coat for the blend but I don’t know how.
Can someone please show me specifically how to make a wet coat to put into the vray blend mtl?


I guess it depends on what kind of wet surface you want?

Are you after drops on a object?
shallow waterpuddles?

I tested with a simple sphere with a wet wood material.

  1. create your wood material and make it as its evenly wet if thats what you want.

  2. create the liquid that you want to sit on top of the material.

  3. create a vrayblend material and assign the wood at the as the base material

  4. assign the liquid material as coat.

  5. use masks to blend it if you dont want it to be all over the object.

  6. create or apply a displacement map if you want drops that needs to displace the surface.

  7. enjoy. :slight_smile: