VrayBlend Alpha map issue


II can find any solution, i look everywhere to find one, nothing. Since 3 weeks im trying to get my Patch road texture work and everytime i get something wrong, i explain.

I create layered texture plug and bring my _Patch-PNG texture and an Patch_AO map that i place on top by “multipliying” the map to have shadows. And I put the “blend mode” of my png Patch_texture on “over” with the Alpha of the texture connected.
And i plugged my layered texture to diffuse. And i also connect the Alpha to the opacity map.
To illustrate:


I unchecked uv wrap, put my default color texture to black and when hit the render and expect to see only the patch i have a square:https://www.flickr.com/photos/158877061@N04/45444614244/in/dateposted-public/

I really need help on this one. Thank you